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Cotopaxi Day Trip from Quito | Ecua Touring

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Book the Cotopaxi day trip directly on Where you will see on both sides along the Pan-American highway several mountains and volcanoes.

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Cotopaxi Volcano Day Trip – 1 Day
Enjoy a scenic drive through the avenue of the volcanoes where you will see on both sides along the Pan-American highway several mountains and volcanoes as you cross the avenue of the volcanoes. For example, the Ilinizas north and south, Corazon, Pasochoa, Rumiñahui just to name a few. The Cotopaxi Volcano Day Trip is a highly recommended and extraordinary visit to the World highest active volcano (5,897 meters or 19342 ft). Located just an hour and a half from Ecuador’s capital city of Quito. The Cotopaxi National park is fairly easy to explore due to its proximity to Quito. On the slopes of this snow-capped majestic volcano, there is a variety of wildlife, lagoons and spectacular landscapes that surround the Cotopaxi Volcano.

Quito market and old town tour – 1 Day
Since Ecuador has such a variety of climatological regions it also has a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Ecuadorians believe that their produce products have the best taste due to its proximity to the sun and the good quality of the soil, as you enter the markets you will see a rich and colourfull country. Also, you will get to taste some of the most flavorful fruits on the planet. Learn about other products, like their names, what are the uses and, what regions of Ecuador they come from and more.

As the second part of this Quito day tour, you will visit the “Quito old town” recognized by the UNESCO a cultural world heritage site. In this tour you will get to know the many aspects that characterize the Quito old town, like the people, its habits, the colonial architecture, the Inca roots and influence, visit the main squares, churches and monasteries, the bohemian street called “La Ronda” and last, the elevation with an amazing view, which divides the north side from the south part of Quito city, called “Panecillo”.

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