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Cosplay Costuming: Through 3d Printer

Cosplay is the short form for two words costume and play. It’s a practice of portraying a fictional character from any movie, cartoons, comic books or games and all the things which are a geek in nature which can be identified with the costume it’s wearing. However, in my search, I found 3d print files cosplay is more than just wearing costumes of character it’s performing art for many. 

It has become a culture and a way of life for many peoples because of several reasons.

  • First of all, it is a way of showcasing the love or likeness for the geeky character they are costuming.
  • Few like Cosplay as they look different while they are dressed in an elaborate costume to portray their favorite character.

History of Cosplay through 3D Printer

Moreover, Cosplay has not grown and become known recently; it came into our lives in the ’80s, which started in Japan.

Earlier, 3D print files used polymers on several things like a bed which got hardened when exposed to sunlight and which in turn introduced the 3D printing mechanism where heated material was laid layer by layer to get the desired form or shapes. However, it was not until the 2000’s that the use of 3D printers took a boom, and with discoveries, it became economical for the consumer to use a 3D printer with 3D print files.

Moreover, sooner 3D printers became more powerful. They were not just used for a compelling process, but stereolithography, fusion and 3D print files cosplay to create 3D models which were made of materials like plastic, wood and metals.

There is a wide range of 3D printers available in the market which make it possible to create a costume with all the fine details and heavily equipped costume in no time. 

The 3D printers installed with 3D print files have made the work for cosplay designers pretty easy and fast as there are several 3D printers which do high grade of printing of cosplay costumes in the favourable budget.

If you want to design a cosplay costume in no time and impress people, you don’t have to be an expert designer. With the help of 3D printer which comes with several shared 3D print files and exclusive prints from all over the net which you can use and easily start with your session of 3D print files cosplay costume, just like one from movie Avengers: the Iron Man and feel good about your costume.

How to Choose the Best 3D Printers?

Before investing in a 3D printer, you must go through some things to be taken into account which are:

  1. Type of Cosplay Model You Want to Make

 You can create anything through the 3D printer from sci-fi pistol to brooches, pin, detailed gear or a full set of armor from your favorite movie or book.

  1. What You Want to Do with The Model 

which means how actively you are going to use it. Whether you are going to roam around in the crowd or wear at home for playing games. 

  1. What Is Your Requirement?

In which you have to look if you want a large print volume to create a whole armor for your cosplay or you get one which will help you in the fine detailing of your model whatever you wish to create accordingly choose the 3D printer.

  1. Dimension of Your Project 

The cosplay model generally requires big build volume as you create pieces of it to wear. However, the 3D printer which is used at home comes with the small print area so choose wisely.

  1. What’s the Build Volume?

If you choose a 3D printer with smaller build volume, then you have to do a lot of welding to join the pieces, and too many welds will make the model weak. Moreover, build volume will affect the size and capacity of the area on which the cosplay props will be build 

  1. How Durable Are the Printers?

It’s an essential factor to look into as 3D printers use filament it should be durable enough to fulfil your requirement.So, it would be best if you analyzed what material is used in the filament. All this information will help you choose the best 3D printer you have to install some 3D printing files, and you are good to go and make your cosplay costume.

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