Common Use Of USB RFID Reader Technology In Your Everyday Life

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For many, RFID may be a new term, but you would actually be surprised to know that how much we use USB RFID reader in our daily lives. Without realising its capabilities, we tend to use this technology several times a day. Before understanding where it has been uses, let’s first figure out what does the RFID stands for.


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What is RFID?

RFID stands for “Radio Frequency Distribution”. It is an evolving technology that collects digital data wirelessly encoded in smart labels and RFID tags through a reader via radio waves. When access with the right RFID software, a RFID reader technology can quickly identify objects. RFID function similar to that of a bar code or a magnetic strip of a debit card where data from a tag is captured by the device and then later stored in the database. However, when comparing RFID works better than a bar code and debit card magnetic strips. The most significant advantage of using USB smart card reader is that it doesn’t need to be placed or positioned relative to the scanner.

Another appreciating advantage of using RFID reader is that you can scan more than one object at one time, which saves loads of time and energy. To understand the abilities of a USB reader, here is a detailed list of common applications of USB RFID reader.

Real-World Applications Of RFID

Defense- RFID reader has a massive importance in defence. It is widely used for tracking soldiers as well as their weapon’s movement.

Furthermore, RFID reader provide real-time information which make it easy to track down the location of a weapon. During emergency situation, RFID enables you to easily access the real-time database when its not easy to take the assistance of other battalions.

Agriculture- This is one great application of RFID. USB reader proves useful for tracking the movement and health of animals working on a farm. It also ensures that each animal on the farm is consuming the nutritional food and at the right amount. However, if manually monitoring the animal’s health it can cost expensive as well as consume lot of productive time. Therefore, with a worthy investment in RFID technology, you can automatically monitor the health status of animals and without much expenditure.

File tracking- If you are working in an office with hundreds or thousands of documents, managing a world of confidential document is quite a difficult task. So, to reduce this work load, RFID readers are effectively used to track such confidential documents, files and other sensitive records in offices automatically. Since, this RFID reader is extremely small and agile in nature, it really comes in handy in the office surrounding.

Access to hotel room- Have you ever forgotten your room number and found yourself trying to use your room key on several hotel room doors, only to check which door open with your key? To eliminate the hassle of guests, RFIF equipped smart key has been introduced. Nowadays you can see that most of the hotel has door access cards which have little RFID chips inside, when placed at the right door, it automatically opens the door and grants you the access to your room.

These are some examples of many applications where we can see the use of RFID technology in our everyday lives. So, next time if you see the use of RFID in your office or at supermarket, don’t get surprised!

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