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Common Queries About Lace Wigs And Extensions

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Frequently Asked Questions And Caring Tips 

We put here answers to the most common questions about lace wigs and extensions like Brazilian deep wave frontal. Read this post to the end – you may find that question you’ve always wanted to ask.


Hair Bob Wig

#1 Do I need to shave my hair to use it?

Answer: No, lace wigs mix with your original hairs.

#2 Can I dye synthetic hair?

Answer: No, synthetic hair is an artificial fiber that does not accept coloring, just like any cosmetic product; it does not penetrate inside the threads.

#3 How long does a synthetic lace last?

Answer: Care and frequency of use are very personal and directly affect the product’s durability. The average is three to five months.

#4 Can I sleep with it?

Answer: We do not recommend sleeping with synthetic hair, except in the last case, because the friction with the pillow during sleep can decrease the durability of the product.

#5 Can I go to the beach/pool with synthetic lace?

Answer: Yes, you can, taking care not to be embarrassed. Long hair we suggest using a braid or a bun, at the end of the day do the maintenance, do not leave it stored incorrectly (keep it wet, cover it in a plastic bag, without untangling it, etc.)

#6 Can I wash?

Answer: Yes, you can. We suggest washing out of the head. You get more details in the maintenance guide of the product. 

#7 What is full lace?

Answer: Wig with cape built wire by wire across the head. (Most common in human hair models)

#8 I can’t hold the curls of my synthetic lace, how do I do it?

Answer: Synthetic yarns can only be modeled if they cool in shape.

Example: You make the curls with the Babyliss or plank and then throw the cold jet still with the lock ready. Then, release so that the lock will fix.

#9 What is the Lace front?

Answer: Wig with the wire to wire part just in front, this construction may vary in size depending on the model.

#10 Do you have to use glue?

Answer: No. The Brazilian body wave bundles laces come with internal combs that you can attach to your hair. There are also adjustable regulating elastics, in addition to the anatomical cover, that is, it adapts without the need to choose a size.

#11 Doesn’t it come out easily if there is a strong wind?

Answer: The laces are made to fit tightly on the head, which does not limit having normal day-to-day activities when adjusted correctly. The same case is with Brazilian deep wave frontal and other extensions. 

#12 Do I need to pay someone to put it on?

Answer: No, The Lace Wig came to give you practicality; your only investment is with the product. You put it at home in less than a minute.

#13 Can you use sewn?

Answer: If your hair is bulky or large, we suggest that you braid it to keep it with less volume and use it as comfortable and natural as possible. In this case, you can sew on the perimeter, but the use of it sewn may reduce the durability.

#14 Which model suits me best / which is the best lace for the first time?

Answer: The model that most combines at first is what you like. Assuming that curly and super long hair is more difficult to maintain, for the first time, we suggest medium size (50 cm or less) or short deep wave bundles with frontal. They are practical and easy to maintain. Take into account your lifestyle and personality as well.

#15 What is yaki yarn?

Answer: It is more dense hair, with a brushed curly appearance.



  • Use unsalted shampoo
  • Use softener, diluted in water or not after shampoo, leave it on for a while.
  • Always wash horizontally (holding the lace in your hand and under running water.)
  • Place on a flat surface to dry, preferably supported on plastic, in a place without much wind.

Not allowed

  • Use conditioner at the root (makes the nuts disintegrate and loosen many threads)
  • The use of a towel or any fabric to dry (do not rub)
  • Hang on the clothesline (Because with the strong wind they tend to tangle)
  • When using a brush and combs (Preferably support the strands with the palm of your hand while combing and always starting from the bottom up).

That’s it, stay tuned for more such posts! 

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