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Coco Grow Bags: 100 Percent Naturally Processed Growing Medium for Hydroponics

Now-a-days, a trend in gardening, especially indoor gardening has been a major shift towards traditional growing medium that is soilless growing as opposed to hydroponics. The basic differences in this practice is that you need to water your plants manually and is normally accomplished with the help of pump, hose or watering wand that provides the nutrient from a cistern, where the needed nutrients are actually prepared.

On the other hand, in hydroponics, the needed nutrition to the plants is circulated mechanically through emitters, drain fittings, sprayers, or so forth systems. It is also seen that in hydroponics, when you use coco grow bags, bricks or chips or other coconut coir substrates it is usually inert and the needed nutrition are re-circulated.

Let’s see what are the actual benefits you get when you use coco grow bags for hydroponics.

Easy & Fast Transplant

If you have been using coconut coir grow medium then you must know it is a natural, yet sustainably sourced growing media made of coconut fiber. If you choose quality coir substrate, you will get non-toxic, bio-degradable and 100 percent natural bricks, chips or bags that has neutral pH level and lot of other properties that are needed to promote the growth of healthy plants.

Fast & Healthy Root Development

The best thing is – it is for all types of cultivation, either hydroponic setups or garden. You can also use it for potted and hanger plants. If you are a grower who looks for strong growing capabilities to make a strong hydroponic growing base, then look no further than Coco grow bags produced by RIOCOCO. Using RIOCOCO CBOP Plug 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, and 42mm are excellent growing medium for seed propagation, healthy and fast root development, easy transplant and 100 percent organic in nature.

The next best thing is – coconut coir growing media is for both indoor and outdoor growers. You just need to know which block or chip is best for your particular plants, for instance, you want to cultivate tomato then RIOCOCO 2346 plug is the best for sure. This is a starter block useful for tomato plants cultivation, which is 100 percent super-washed, non-toxic natural materials and comes in a compressed to square shaped coco grow block in bio-degradable cellulose paper.

Why Should You Choose RIOCOCO Coir Medium?

Cultivators who are looking for high quality alternative growing medium, look no further than RIOCOCO coco grow bags. It is highly useful for growing hydroponic tomatoes. Both hydroponic and conventional growers who have already used this grow bags for growing tomatoes know how beneficial this bag is, and also observed tomato plants with evenly distributed roots. They have also experienced faster root development as well as healthier stems. The result is – higher number of blooms and growth in tomato production.

Things to Keep In Mind

There are many things to keep in mind when you decided to use coco coir products in hydroponics, for example growing tomato plants. First thing is – you need to choose a coir brick, chip or bag that is sold by an authentic manufacturer, and for that matter, RIOCOCO is one of the best for sure.

While producing the coir substrates, they select raw materials that are blended as well as compressed to make chip, block, slab or bag for the required size to grow different types of crops. Your growing medium is absolutely safe and effective because the slabs or bags they sold are packed in Ultra Violet-stabilized co-extruded.

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