Cloud Strategy Consulting Helps The User In Availing Right Cloud Computing Service

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What is Cloud Strategy?

Cloud strategy is one’s motive for adopting Cloud computing service. The first and foremost objective of Cloud Strategy is to define the user’s motivations and objectives, behind deciding to adopt Cloud computing services. Many of the enterprise level organisations have multiple objectives, sometimes two or three of their business needs, as their primary objectives.

How to develop the Cloud Strategy?  

The user first has to identify her/his objectives for adopting a Cloud strategy. Only then the user can identify her/his requirements. It is absolutely critical for success of Cloud Strategy, to primarily align the technical and business requirements of one’s central Information Technology and units of businesses. The user must avoid committing the mistake of making a decision before the user practically defines business outcomes. The user must also establish control and governance first.

The requirements of the users help to decide whether the user should opt for a multi cloud approach. This approach leverages two or more Public Clouds or Private Clouds, considering what is optimal for meeting the user’s needs. The user may also opt for a Hybrid Cloud architecture, which can make the workloads run on both the Public Cloud and private Cloud.

The recent survey has revealed that adoption of multi cloud happens to be the current trend among business organisations. More than 80% business organisations have Multi Cloud Strategy. It includes use of several Public Clouds and several Private Clouds or Hybrid Cloud architecture. Hybrid Cloud architecture includes use of both the Public Cloud and Private Cloud.

Advantages of a Multi Cloud Strategy-

  • The user can operate anywhere with Multi Cloud Strategy. Public Cloud provides an ever expanding reach that enables the users to operate their applications from any location in a specific geographic region. It helps the users to become closer to their customers or satisfy the requirements of compliance.
  • Multi Cloud strategy helps in leveraging the existing investments of the users. Enterprise systems and hardware of legacy are best for running both the private and public clouds.
  • It helps in optimising costs. It is always cheaper to use a single Cloud provider or a single type of Cloud for specific workloads. Other variety of Clouds may prove to be more cost effective for different types of workloads.
  • Multiple Cloud Strategy helps in accessing unique capabilities. Each Cloud has features for a particular application.
  • This Cloud strategy helps in creating resilient architecture. It ensures high availability by leveraging multiple Clouds for disaster recovery or for fail overs.
  • Multiple Cloud Strategy allows the users to negotiate with the vendor for best discounts.
  • This Cloud Strategy helps the user to make her/his Cloud strategy future proof. Multiple Cloud strategy helps the users in taking the advantages of latest upgrades in computing. It also helps in having the profits from service offerings and different models of pricing.
  • Multi Cloud Strategy helps the users to prepare for Multi Cloud and implement best practices.

Cyfuture, the top level Cloud service provider company is providing the best possible Cloud Strategy Consulting services to its customers. Cyfuture provides consultation services from migrating to the Cloud to deploying latest platforms for Cloud computing.

Cloud Migration Services-

Cloud migration is a process. It is a process to move data, applications or other elements of businesses from the existing environment to a Cloud computing environment.

A business organisation can opt for various types of Cloud migration processes. The routine migration is to transfer data and applications from a local or on premise data center to the Public Cloud service. Cloud migration process also includes transferring of services from one Cloud service provider to another Cloud service provider. It is known as a Cloud to Cloud migration. Cloud migration also includes unclouding. It is the reverse process of Cloud migration. It is also known as Declouding, where the data and applications are moved from the Cloud and is brought back to local data center.

Cloud migration is a very important decision for the business organisations to take. There are Cloud migration service providers who provide their help to the business organisations to take the right decision about Cloud migration and also to implement that decision smoothly and efficiently. It helps the business organisation to complete the process of Cloud migration, the process opted by the client.

The business organisations, opting for a Cloud migration, must be at first assured of a methodical path, to the Cloud computing environment, the path which is time tested.  The Cloud migration service provider must be able to provide the client with the latest technology and tools, those are needed to complete the migration process easily, smoothly, without any error and save the client’s time and money.

Cyfuture, the premium Cloud service provider also offers the best Cloud migration service to its client business organisation, at a very affordable price. It provides its clients with fool proof and efficient methods of smooth and error free Cloud migration, to save the client from losing any money or business.

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