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Choosing the Best Option Between Marijuana Edibles and Dry Herb Strains

It is always a matter of debate that which variant of marijuana is better between natural herbs and edibles. Cannabis is one of the easily available natural intoxicating substances available on the earth. You can consume it in multiple ways without even requiring special skills of processing. Defuse it in a modern vaporizer device, smoke by rolling in a joint or eat by mixing in your favorite edibles. Its impact will be the same but the potency level may differ. Currently, smokable dry herbs and edibles in Orange County are high in demand because of different reasons that you are going to understand in the following points in detail. 


Dry herbs of marijuana 

As the name illustrates, the top buds of mature marijuana plants are dried by following a special process. A large number of strains belong to Sativa, Indica & Hybrid families are available in the market to try. People grow them commercially under special environmental conditions that can be natural or artificial. Adequate sunlight, water, fertility & temperature ensures the best quality flowers at the age of maturity. After harvesting the marijuana crops like Nothern Light & Moon Rocks in Orange County, the sellers dry them between 18 to 20 degrees-C temperature in a dark and dry environment to improve the potency level. Some strains are also preserved in special marijuana oils for high potency. 


Advantages of consuming dry marijuana herbs are:- 

  1. Natural flavors 

Nothing is added artificially in the dry herbs. You will get the opportunity to enjoy natural earthy flavors along with the twists like strawberry, blueberry, lemon or grapes. 

  1. Enjoy different euphoric impact with every single strain 

As mentioned above, the marijuana market of current times is overflooded with countless options in dry herbs trains. Each of them has a different flavor as well as imply a distinctive impact on the mind. For instance, one strain may uplift euphoria and hunger whereas another one can be sedative or stimulate your creative instinct. The post-consumption impacts of every strain are written on its label. Read them & choose accordingly what do you want to feel. 

  1. Instant hit 

As compared to other methods of marijuana consumption, smoking dry herbs hit you instantly. As you inhale 3-4 puffs, cannabinoids like THC & CBD start stimulating your brain. 


Edibles of marijuana 

Smoking dry herbs is a traditional way of intoxication. If you want something modern, go with the option of edibles. They are not different from the confectionary products that you eat daily. The taste and look of edibles infused with marijuana are exactly the same as you buy from any random shop. You can buy chocolate, gummies, fruit juices or cookies infused with THC or CBD in Orange County from authentic stores. 


Advantages of consuming edibles in Orange County are:- 

  1. Nobody will notice that you are consuming marijuana because edibles exactly look like a normal confectionary product. 
  2. The hitting impact is slow with edible marijuana variants but it keeps you high for a long time. Smoking or vaping keeps you high for around 2 hours, whereas, you will stay high on euphoria for 4-5 hours after consuming edibles.
  3. There is no need to roll the joint or buy an expensive vaporizer. Just put the edible in your mouth, wait for a few minutes and experience a euphoric world. 

From the information we mentioned above, it is clear that both edibles and smokable dry herbs have their own benefits. If you have enough time to enjoy, choose dry herbs. If you are working in the office, try edibles. The best dispensary in Orange County will provide you both of these options in different flavors.

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