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Causes Of Stress

Causes Of Stress
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There are many conditions that can cause one to encounter stress in one’s life. Here are some of the many conditions that lead an individual to suffer from stress.

Health problems: Often if you suffer from heart problems , diabetes, or arthritis you may encounter chronic stress.

Emotional problems: There are many emotions that one may encounter on daily basis that can lead one into suffering from stress. If you often fine oneself , angry; depressed; grief stricken; feeling guilty; or encounter low self-esteem, you could be suffering from chronic stress.

Relationship problems: Often in relationships one may encounter stress due to a fight between partners; lack of having someone to share your feelings with; or feeling isolated from the rest of the world.

Your surrounding: Often in big cities , the number of individuals suffering from stress rises due to crime; pollution; overcrowding; and from the noise of people and automobiles.

Your job: One’s job can truly stress an individual out. If your job is very demanding; requires you to meet production; dangerous; or requires one to publicly speak in crowds, you stand a greater chance of developing a stress condition.

Your social situation: Social life is always going to cause certain individual’s stress. If one has to deal with poverty; loneliness; or discrimination due to one’s gender; race; or sexual orientation, it will cause one to suffer from chronic stress.

Life cycles and developmental stages: As a child , you may encounter stress. If one is picked on or mistreated they may become isolated due to the stress of the situation they have to encounter. As children grow up and become teenagers, they experience stress due to their hormones changing ; dating; working a job; associating with different people; and leaving home.

When one becomes an adult they suffer even more depression in one’s life. They have to worry about working; supporting oneself; family; partners; and getting or being married.

Many times , people set goals for oneself and often find they can achieve their goal. This is often a very stressful situation for one to endure. You should set your perceptions of what you want to achieve at a moderate level. Stick to your beliefs about oneself. Don’t let anyone lower your self-esteem. You have but one to live.

There are many children; teens; and other family members that are constantly under stress because of one’s physical or emotional condition. One may find it very beneficial to talk to a friend and let one’s inner feelings be known. It is better to let your voice be heard than to keep things held up inside oneself.

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