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Over the past few decades, mass communication and media have become very popular. So much so that many people, irrespective of their field and age group, are choosing mass communication and journalism as a career field. With such massive growth in radio shows, news channels, TV sets, YouTube anchoring, and more, such professions are becoming more popular. Thus, opening the door of employment to numerous countless people worldwide. Once you complete your education from the Top BA colleges in Bangalore, you’ll notice many opportunities waiting for you. 

The field of mass communication and journalism includes different streams, and you can choose whichever suits your talent the most. However, suppose you are confused about the career options after taking the course. In that case, you can select some of the top career options after completing a degree in mass communication and journalism. 

Public Relations 

As a PR (public relations) executive, you have to work as a promoter for many types of government bodies, institutions, individuals, and electronic and print media. Once you complete your education in ba in journalism colleges in Bangalore, you’ll create a unique brand. After creating the brand, you’ll have to establish and maintain a positive image and regular communication with the masses. As a PR executive, your main job is to ensure that the correct information about the business reaches the public. 


Many people believe that photography is all about clicking pictures, but it is far from the truth. Photography is not just about clicking pictures; and it’s also about managing time, products, lights, artists, and shooting high-quality images. There are many genres in photography. Some of them are listed below:

  • Wedding photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Interior decoration
  • Foods and products
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Fashion photography
  • And much more 

The Top BA colleges in Bangalore teach you all about the lenses, angles, and catching the moments and emotions appropriately. 


Another field in mass communication and journalism is advertising. With each passing day, social media is becoming stronger. Therefore, many big and small brands choose social media advertising to promote their brand. It is essential to hold a strong and positive social media reputation. It is one of the popular types of advertising as it helps in the image creating and managing the product among the masses. 

E-commerce is getting stronger day by day because of the mobile-based shopping done by the public. Business organizations that create advertisements need professionals who can develop an innovative approach and communicate with the masses accurately. After completing the ba in journalism colleges in Bangalore, you’ll understand more about advertising and its roles and responsibilities. 

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