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Canon Printer Drivers Installation

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Canon printer drivers are multi-function printer drivers with very high extension features in them. It has refill ink chambers in it so that we can refill the ink in it when necessary. We can print, scan, or Xerox the pages in canon printers. These are world widely used printers especially used in the countries like the United States. Various models of printers are present in the market. You can buy it online or in a retail shop according to your requirement.

Now following are the 3 steps to install the Canon printer drivers in your pc, laptop, Mac, or tab.

  1. Printer setup arrangement step.
  2. Download the driver software.
  3. Installing the software driver.

Canon Printer Drivers Download Requirments

What do you require for the setup?

You require a canon printer of any model with its power cable. A USB cable that connects the pc or a command device to the printer. You also require a Pc, laptop, or a tab for installing the driver in it so that it can give a command to the printer.

Arrange the setup

  • Firstly take your Pc, laptop, or tablet and connect the one end of the USB cable to it.
  • Secondly, take the next end of the USB cable and connect it with the printer.
  • Then after that take the power cable and fix it in the wall’s power socket and switch on the printer and turn on the laptop.
  • Now the laptop is ready to download and install the driver.

After the completion of the setup switch on the laptop and printer. Now let’s move towards the next step.

Downloading the Driver software

  1. Now enter into your Pc’s browser and search for the Canon printer drivers. The main page of printer drivers will open.
  2. On that page, you have to click on official canon printer support and services.
  3. After that on the next page, you will see an empty box. In that box, you have to enter the serial number or the model number of your printer which is given on the box.
  4. Then enter that number in that box and click on the Go button.
  5. The next page will appear that will show the printer of your model number or serial number. I,n short it will show your printer model.
  6. Then after that scroll down. After scrolling down you will see the select option. Click on the select option.
  7. After clicking on the select option Download option will appear below the select option. Click on the Download option.
  8. When you click on the download option the canon printer drivers download will begin in the browser’s download folder. Here the download process finishes.

What is the serial number or where do we get it?

The serial number is the model number of your canon printer. The digits may be of 5 or 6 digits. It is used during downloading process. Then to download your model printer driver you require this serial number.
You get the serial number on the box of the printer. You also get it in the booklet of the printer.

Installation of Canon Printer Drivers

  1. When the download is completed go into downloads of browser. Click on the downloaded setup.
  2. Then the page will appear on your screen. The page will ask would you like to make changes to your device.
  3. If you want to install the software click on the Yes option. It means that you agree to Install the canon printer drivers software.
  4. A tab will appear that contains the Exit option, Next option, and Language.
  5. Then select the language and click on the Next option.
  6. After that, the software installation list will appear. In that list unselect all options and only tick or select on Mp drivers and the user’s manual.
  7. Then after that click on the next option.
  8. The next page will appear that will ask you for a license and agreement. Then read all the agreements and then click on the Next button.
  9. Then the next page of the wizard will appear. On that page click on the Next option.
  10. The installation process begins.
  11. When the installation process is completed the printer page will open that will ask for the printer connection that you have already done before.
  12. Here the installation process ends and you are ready to command the prints from your printer.

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