Cake Toppers for Your Best Friend’s Wedding

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Is your best friend getting married? Well, if yes then you must know the hustle of completing tasks before the deadline. From the wedding dress to venue booking you want everything to be perfect. While all the pending tasks, did you plan the wedding cake. Of course, it needs to be unique and special, after all, it’s your best friend’s wedding. Well adding a cake topper can do the magic. You can impress your best friend by surprisingly adding it.

There are make options available for wedding cake toppers for bride and groom. You can browse them and choose according to your best friend’s choice. However, here are some of the amazing options to consider.

  • Praying Angel: You love your best friend and hope the marriage brings more happiness to her. Well, you can symbolize your emotions via this cake topper. It is of an angel who is praying to god. Interestingly, it has LED lights to add more colors to the cake. If your friend is Christian, they will admire the topper a lot as the praying angel holds a significant value in their culture.
  • Doves: Dove birds are the symbol of love. It is said that they live in a pair and love their partner a lot. If one dies out of the two, the other one cannot bear the pain of separation and dies. Symbolizing the love between your friend and their partner, add a cake topper of birds. Let the cake topper depict the eternal bond that they share.
  • Wedding Heart Figurine: A wedding is a promise to stay with each other forever. Let it be represented by a cake topper. Well, in this option there is a heart at the backside and a couple of it standing in front of it. It marks a new journey they are starting together.
  • Love Is In The Air: When in love, everything seems to be magical. You feel happy every time. That is why it is said that love is in the air. Inspired by the line, consider adding a heart-shaped cake topper to represent their happy love life.
  • Bride and Groom Figurine: They are tying a knot together and marking their love for a lifetime. Well, what if the cake topper depicts them? Sounds interesting? For this, consider selecting a cake topper that has the figurines of a bride and groom. It will be a symbol of their wedding.

Summing Up

Weddings are always special. Marking their love, the couple ties a knot for a lifetime. The event has to be grand and unique. Cake cutting is one of the famous wedding rituals being followed for ages. However, consider adding a cake topper to enhance the glory of the cake. If your best friend is planning for a wedding, consider surprising them with a wedding cake topper for the bride and groom. You can consider the up-given options as they are trending during this wedding season. Browse the possible options do some research and find the perfect and unique cake topper for them.

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