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Best International School In KL (Campus Rangers)

About Campus Rangers

  • Since its inception in January 2012 as an IGCSE homeschool, Campus Rangers has been educating students to be successful academically, and demonstrating discipline, dedication to moral and spiritual values of a high-quality mission school to bring out the best in every child.
  • The teachers we have are educated with between 8 and 40 years of experience in their subject(s) and have excellent class control. They excel in instructing and motivating students to be the best they can be.
  • Our students can benefit from our inside our Science and Computer Laboratories and use of top facilities for sports, and a supportive teaching environment. Interschool sporting contests Sports Day, charitable initiatives, entrepreneurship projects excursions to the local and overseas, Graduation & Awards Night and many other exciting activities for students to take part in or organize.
  • We have been able to produce 5 groups of IGCSE students who have minimum of 30% receiving college scholarships and all of them scoring enough credits to progress into tertiary studies. We have provided many thousands of ringgits to 60 children in the world through World Vision, Myanmar Orphanage in KL and the reconstruction of Sri Lanka schools/clinics and sponsoring of African struggling families via missionaries.

2 .Our Programs

1.Rangers Kidz


For children aged 4 through 6 year olds (K1 level and levels K2) with The British Curriculum to teach Early Years Foundation. It covers the areas of communication & Language, Physical/Motor-skill development as well as Mathematics, Literacy, Understanding the World, Personal, Social and Emotional development, as well as expressive arts & Design.

  1. Primary


Utilizing using the Cambridge Primary curriculum that is broad and comprehensive. In the 6th year it will be an assessment called the Primary Checkpoint assessment (on English Language Maths, & Science) that allows us to establish an international standard of student performance, as well as to determine and address any learning gaps.

  1. Secondary


From Year 7 to 9, following an Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum leading to the Secondary Checkpoint assessment in Year 9. The test covers English Language, Mathematics and Science. It also provides an assessment of the school’s performance as compared to other schools around the world.

Years 10-11 The curriculum is internationally recognized and follows the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus. This leads to the completion of Secondary Education with IGCSE certification. Students are able to choose their the curriculum and subject choices in order to achieve the highest quality of results and demonstrate their abilities and expertise.

CR Testimonials: What Our Teachers Say?

Read about what our teachers have to say about their experience at Campus Rangers!

One thing that excites me most is the opportunity to journey with our students through their teenage years in which they discover their dreams and aspirations, develop their skills sets and talents, and pursue excellence intellectually.

– Ms Marian, Teacher


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