Best Quality Replacement Coils in SMOK Nord Pods. Worth the Hype?


Every vaping enthusiast knows that replacement coils are an essential thing. Still, how many of you are pretty much sure about the best sellers? Or else, how important is it to replace these vape coils on time? Typically, it is a metal wick and coil in-built in any vaping device and acts as a bridge between the tank, e-juice, and vapor you inhale. Their primary purpose in any vaping device is to help your coils be in a perfect position and further give an enhanced smoking experience. 

Normally, they are supposed to last for two to three weeks. We have to mention that this is one of the not so easy questions to answer. Multiple factors affect the condition of replacement atomizer coils like using cheap oils, chain vaping, and even low-quality e-juice. 

Before we move on to some of the best-sellers available in the market, let’s go through a quick brief that shares when to know that your vape coils need to be replaced. 

  • The foremost and most common sign is when you find your vaping pod or tank leaking. Because experts say that when coils are overused, they fail to absorb the e-juice. 
  • Other than this, experiencing a burnt taste with every puff is something obvious. So whenever next time you find that bitter taste overpowering your e-juice flavor, know that time has come to change the coil. 
  • Babies’ gurgles or bubbling sound is another obvious sign that shows your vape replacement coil needs to go now. 
  • Another classic sign is when your vape produces a weak flavor or tastes completely off. It could be the moment to replace the coil. 
  • Last but not least, if the vapor production has dropped drastically. Being a cloud chaser, you can easily feel the difference. The reason might be that the coil has reached the end of the line. So replace it before it gives your throat a harsh hit! 

Let’s get ahead with some of the best-selling SMOK Nord replacement coils devices that thousands of vaping enthusiasts have loved to date more than those e-cigarettes. 

SMOK Nord 15W  

This vape is a button-triggered device with a 1100mAh battery capacity, which is quite significant compared to the rest of the available pod devices. We have to say that this is a powerful invention. The vape device is equipped with two exclusive coils – Nord regular 1.4Ω and Mesh 0.6Ω, which makes producing those massive vapors an easy thing and an excellent MTL experience. What makes it more suitable for vaping lovers is its compact size that allows everyone to carry them anytime, anywhere. 

SMOK Nord 25W

Now, this is something exclusive and revolutionary. This pod system comes with advanced replacement coils and two activation modes: button-triggered and auto-draw. Yes, this one is powered with an in-built 1100 mAh battery, which can nimbly take the maximum output to 25W. 

So if you love vaping for enjoying those intense and refreshing e-juices, then this device kit is something worth investing in. The vaping pod with PRO version meshed vape coils. The durability and portability it has are something worth praising. Other than this, the circular, sleek, and lightweight design is given a smooth finish, which is truly something to hold and lay eyes on. 

SMOK Nord 40W

Now, this comes as the upgraded version of the 25W pod. Based on its exceptional features and design, it turns out to be a highlighted version of the pods. With the adjustable wattage and puff counter, the vaping experience becomes more pleasant. The 40W SMOK with replacement coils is still simple enough to operate easily while making flavors taste better. Plus, the RPM coils last far longer than the regular coils. And that is the reason why vaping lovers admire this pod kit too. 

SMOK Nord 60W

Last but not least, this version has given new meanings to the entire collection of pods. It is an emblematic pod that has got more versatile compatibility, good performance, and other features. 

For instance, the 0.69inch LED screen, and 1500mAh in-built battery with multiple protection and adjustable wattage-like features make it truly outstanding. In addition, the SMOK Nord replacement coils have two categories: RPM Mesh 0.4Ω and RPM Mesh 0.16Ω coil, which can hold upto 6ml of your favorite juice, ensuring that less refilling is required and a wholesome vaping experience is delivered. 

So how often do you prefer replacing vape coils of your favorite SMOK Nord pod? Which one has grabbed your attention to date? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you.

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