Best Low Carb Non-Alcoholic Beer to Drink

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How can beer be non-alcoholic? Even if it is, are there any benefits in drinking non alcoholic beer? Well, people may have several assumptions until you try it for real! A pint of non-alcoholic beer, please? 

Enough with the assumptions and guesswork, let’s understand what is non-alcoholic beer?

As the name suggests “a beer with no alcohol.” But in the true sense, it’s not that it literally has no alcohol content in it. Truth be told, usually, these low alcohol beer contains 0.5% of alcohol which is quite less. Most non-alcoholic drinks are made by removing the alcohol from regular beer. 

Low carb non-alcoholic beer

For the ones who are trying to maintain a diet drinking, non alcoholic beer can help in reducing calorie intake. However, it is important to keep in mind that the exact or final calorie amount depends on the ingredients used and the brewing process. A common alcohol beer contains 180 to 250 kcal per pint, whereas, on the other side, non-alcoholic beers are as low as 50-80 calories per 330 ml bottle. Also, look for lactose element in non alcoholic beer as it can increase the number of calories in the beer. 

Want to buy from the best? holds the 2019 world beer award winner. The beets which they sell are gluten-free, so many of you can now relax your type of thing is here. This unique type of low carb non alcoholic beer is prepared in a way that is good for health and environment friendly. These are gluten-free as well as vegan beers. 

Amid COVID-19 majority of countries have asked people to stay in and avoid going out unless it’s for any essential purpose. In such case, family members, roommates, close friends are usually staying in watching movies, PlayStation is their biggest rescue from everything going outside! However, in such times drinking a non alcoholic beer can be a great idea to chill and drink something good as well. 

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Stay safe and stay inside, but don’t stop living your life. Live it in a healthy way, eat good food, choose non alcoholic beer and spend time with your loved ones! 

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