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Best CBSE School in bangalore


Become Acquainted with Smrti Academy:

Smrti Academy is one of the leading CBSE Schools nearby Sarjapur Road which is nestled in the south-east part of Bangalore. This road is well- connected through Hosur Road and SH-35.

Smrti Academy focuses to transmit standard education and uplift the students’ natural curiosity and furnish them with the best of skill-set so that they endeavour their future dreams.

With this principal backing us, the school had opened its branch nearby the Sarjapur Road at Huskur.

When we talk about the best CBSE Schools in Bangalore we cannot miss the elite school i.e., the Smrti Academy which is one of the best CBSE Schools; in here along with quality education the children receive numerous ways to reform their skills so that they benefit from it in the later stages of their life.

Smrti Academy is almost like a community where the skills get harnessed effectively.

Around the globe we see that schools have clubs and the children are asked to focus on one sport or a hobby; those that are into literature are put into the book club, for the ones who are into games are put into the sports club and for the ones who enjoy cooking are put into home science club.

Smrti Academy is one such school where the right aptitude in students are grouped together to nourish their skill, & it targets on the overall development by nurturing and bringing out the best.

Smrti Academy has started its admission procedures for the academic year of 2022–23. The form is available on the website or click here for more information about it.

The form can be filled instantly or one can download the full application and submit it to the school.

Smrti Academy has also established one sister school named as Floretz Academy.

Floretz Academy was established in 2005 and is led by Deepa Ravichandran who is the Director and Founder Principal. She herself is an eminent Montessorian. It is one of the foremost Montessori schools and Day-care center in Bangalore owning one branch each in the HSR Layout and Kasavanahalli in Bangalore. This Montessori is run by passionate educators who empower the present children to bring about changes in the future world.

Children who are studying in Floretz Academy Montessori are qualified to get direct admission to the first standard in Smrti Academy.

Why choose Smrti Academy?

Ø Any educational institution should not only consist of good infrastructure but academic quality and supremacy in mentoring the students with co-curricular activities should exist.

Smrti Academy is a top-notch CBSE school whose prime role is to not only impart superior quality of education but also to groom the children in such a way so that the overall development takes place.

ØThe school traces the conduction of a child in different levels of work. It also looks for the areas in which a student lacks a skill and with proper guidance enhances the skill.

Advantages of Being in Smrti Academy:

The principal, the teaching staff are efficient, highly-qualified and hold a position to strand improve a student’s performance.

In addition to the well-built infrastructure the academy had upgraded itself with the best technology-driven equipment’s so as to help the child in their leaning needs.

When seated in similar groups a child is seen to learn, adapt and interact with the peers of their age. In Smrti Academy there are rooms for such homogeneous circle for children, so that they themselves acquaint well with the environment.

Schools are one of the prime concerns when it comes to pressure amongst the children. Smrti Academy with its skillful mentors provides continuous monitoring of students so that they make progress in their academics and co-curricular activities and relieve the tension.

Smrti Academy provides basic upgrading of skill set, promotes character development and helps in boosting academic excellence.


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