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Almost everyone, from an average blogger to big multinational companies, is talking about the importance of site speed, but not everyone is aware of CDN (Content Delivery Network). Content delivery networks that work the same as hosting services play an important role in this modern world.

A content delivery network is a system of geographically distributed servers that delivers the content to the visitors of the website based on their location. Just like hosting services, content delivery networks enhance the speed of your site. The better your content delivery network, the faster the content will be delivered to the users.

CDN, known as a content delivery network, came into existence in the late 1990s in order to alleviate the internet bottlenecks. Content delivery networks work the same as the hosting services. Just like hosting services, it is very reliable when it comes to operating your site as quickly as possible. People now trust content delivery networks to such an extent that almost 47 % of the people expect a site to load in less than 3 seconds. They just leave the site which takes more than 3 seconds to load.

One important benefit of the content delivery networks is that it accelerates the speed of your site. When you implement a content delivery network on your site, it means that you are distributing its access all around the world.

With the content delivery networks, your information will be delivered in a blazing speed just like with hosting services. But how does it provide such a fast speed? This is because your original server always remains the main lane, while the additional lane is your replicated web servers.

Just like hosting services, content delivery networks are like a layer in the internet ecosystem. Many media companies and e-commerce vendors pay content delivery networks to deliver the content to their end-users.

The content delivery network is just like an umbrella giving out different content delivery services such as software downloads, video streaming, transparent caching, load balancing, licensed/managed CDN, web and mobile content acceleration, Multi CDN switching and analytics, and cloud intelligence.

Today, the content delivery networks cover a big part of the internet content including live streaming media, social media sites, downloadable objects such as (software, media files, and documents), web objects (graphics, text, and scripts), and applications such as e-commerce and portals.

Just like hosting services, which secures your data and increases your site’s availability, content delivery networks also secure your data and prevents it from spammers, hackers, and even fake traffic sent by other servers.

The content delivery networks will block all the attacks and protect your original server. The content delivery network is almost the same as the hosting services. Just like hosting services, CDN is very cheap. With a content delivery network, you can actually reduce your web hosting costs.

Not only big companies can take advantage of this technology but small business owners and entrepreneurs can also use this technology for the better performance of their website. Implementing this technology can definitely improve your site’s performance. Content delivery networks will not only fasten the performance of your website, but also secures your data in a cheaper way.

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