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Be Tea-Positive with Chai Latte

Countries from where chai originated have a very simple meaning when they say chai they simply mean “tea”. The chai served in western countries isn’t exactly the original chai. 

Indian chai which has a mixture of herbs, spices and tea, when blended with warm milk and brewed black tea is known as “chai latte.” 

Now you might be questioning, does chai latte have caffeine? Yes, it does. Consumption of caffeine should always be in check; the word caffeine is widely associated with two popular terms these days i.e chai and coffee. Both of these are known to have caffeine in them, but which one is better for your health? 

Although the amount of caffeine completely depends on the type of recipe you’ve selected to make chai/coffee, a regular cup of chai latte has 50 milligrams of caffeine in it. Black tea is the sole source of caffeine in this type of drink. For a disease like Cardiovascular consumption of tea may help to protect against it. What else can this modern antidote do?


  • Improves digestion:

It keeps your gut healthy reason being, the spices in the chai especially ginger is known to have a healthy impact on health. Furthermore, ginger helps in making the organs work in a better way by improving circulation and delivering oxygen to organs. 

  • Aches and Pains:

The spices present in the chai blend, ginger and clove are known to have anti-inflammatory properties which may even help people in pain like arthritis. Ginger is known to reduce inflammation which can help in dealing with minor headaches to migraines

  • Wake up!: 

Chai is the saviour for the people who are seen struggling to get active, they get extra energy halfway through the day.

  • The immune system protected:

Cardamom is an important ingredient in chai, it is considered to be Tibetian medicine which helps to make your immune system better. Check which cardamom present in your tea bag whether it’s green or black cardamom. For antiseptic treatment, black cardamom is good and to treat the sinus and detoxify the body green cardamom is better. 

For those who are looking for an alternative for coffee is chai latte a good substitute? 

For the ones who are trying to cut back on coffee, chai is the best substitute you can have. Due to interaction with a component of tea known as tannin which seems to work quite differently leaving a calming effect on the nervous system. It contributes the caffeine to be absorbed slowly, which avoids caffeine shock on the nervous system. 

This product mentioned below has been rated by customers as one of the premium and high-quality chai latte available. This product is introduced by Origin Tea which is an Australian company with its tea plantations in Sri Lanka. What makes them unique is that they give a transparent view of what ingredients are being poured into your cup; “Plantation 2U” an initiative taken by Origin Tea company to provide a guarantee that their tea leaves come directly from the plantation to their customers. 

Sticky Chai Tea:

This tea is quite unique in its kind. This rare yet the best tea is a combination of whole spices and coconut nectar. The black tea is of premium quality exclusively from Sri Lanka. The spices included in this type are coconut sugar, black tea, coconut nectar, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, cardamom. This product has received 87% appreciation from its customers. 

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