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Avoid injuries to the truck drivers with the On-Lift new trailer technology

Any injuries caused to the drivers in the workplace can tear them between responsibility to their employer and themselves. According to a recent survey, the incidence of drivers getting injured while manually cranking the landing gear on trailers is around 2.5% per year. Raising and lowering the landing gear of a fully-loaded trailer is an extremely challenging task that can expose the drivers to a variety of injuries, including damage to shoulders, knees, back and upper body and other muscular-skeletal abrasions and sprains. When truck drivers get injured, they claim personal injury compensation as well as leave the industry.

Now the questions are – how can you reduce injuries? Is there anything that can help truck owners reduce workers’ compensation costs and retain drivers? The answer is ‘yes.’ Using the new trailer technology from Patriot Lift Company, LLC, a driver can deploy and retract landing gear in less time than it would take to do either operation manually. Here, in this article, we will tell you how on-lift landing gear and rear stabilizer air-powered automation help you reduce the workers’ compensation costs, improve productivity and driver hiring and reduce workload time. Read on to know more!

Benefits of using On-Lift Landing Gear Automation System

Cranking the landing gear manually is generally very risky for any driver as it can cause severe back and shoulder pain, and other injuries if done improperly. It is not only challenging to operate but the manual techniques were also tiring.

Therefore, to make the job easier for truck drivers, Patriot Lift Company, LLC introduced a state-of-the-art and futuristic On-Lift landing gear automation system for truck trailers. It is the most exclusive and patented trailer safety mechanism that brings in the overall safety for the trailers, as well as the truckers. This type of landing gear automation system is highly beneficial as it replaces manual hand cranks, improves driver safety, driver hiring and hires previous drivers including women drivers, increases driver productivity and reduces work-related injuries.

Safety comes first for workers and drivers. Keeping in mind the safety of your drivers as well as an improvement in productivity, you should use automatic landing gear automation. For smooth, easy, and hassle-free lifting and landing, On-lift 2000 and 2000 HD landing gears work excellent.

Save Time, Improve Productivity and Avoid Injuries

The air-powered landing gears offered by Patriot Lift Company, LLC have helped drivers and fleet owners maximize productivity and save money by simplifying some of the most arduous, time-consuming tasks. The cutting-edge trailer technology has been rigorously substantiated through live tests with fully-loaded consignment that includes 30,000 cycles without any breakdown, similar to 20 years of trailer operation with five drops and hooks per day. The On-lift 2000 and 2000HD is an innovation that gives truck drivers more control, power and maneuverability in lowering and raising the landing gear.

The best thing about these landing gears is that they are capable of lifting more than 60000 lb trailer in less than 10 seconds, thereby saving time and improving productivity. Not only this but the new trailer technology can increase the potential revenue of $100,000 per year, improve the efficiency of parking trailers by 20 percent, reduce the equipment damage and need no maintenance. Easy to install and simple to use, the On-Lift automated landing gear lifts and lowers trailers with just a touch of a button, helping drivers improve productivity in a safe, trouble-free operation. Undoubtedly, it is a hundred times better and more comfortable than manually raising and lowering the landing gear.

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