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Auto detailing in Miami helps transform your car to a brand new car

Car Detailing
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Car lovers often confuse between car detailing and car washing.  While washing involves cleaning the car, detailing, as the name suggests is to study and clean the automobile in detail, from every angle and minute detail. What is the essence of auto detailing in Miami?

Auto Detailing

Car detailing specifically deals in use of tools and products to clean the car from top to the bottom. This is a specialized area of auto works that is performed by an expert detailer. Car detailing revolves around not only cleaning and washing the body of the car from the outside and the inside; it also consists of reconditioning the vehicle. Some of the common tasks that are undertaken are:

  • polishing the car body to remove scratches and marks.
  • repaint the exterior of the car body.
  • the interior is vacuumed so that no grime, stain or filth is left

if you want your car to look and feel as good as new – just like the way it was years back when you had purchased it and driven it out of the showroom; then auto detailing in Miami is the right way to go about it.

Process of auto detailing in Miami

  1. The detailer will detail the car in two phases. The first phase is focused on the exterior of the car. The first thing that the detailer does is to clean the car body thoroughly of dirt and grime. Then the wheels, the brakes, nuts and other parts are cleaned. Next the car paint is washed and using special cleansing products, the stubborn dirt sticking to the car surface is cleaned off. Light paint correction in Miami is also carried out during this time by the detailer to hide scarves, scratches and marks. In order to do the paint correction work, the detailer will mostly use a machine.
  2. Ceramic coating of car in Miami is the final step, that is effective in protecting the exterior surface of the car paint. When done the proper way and from professional detailers, the car looks new and fresh. Besides, the immediate look that it gives your car – shinny and lustrous – in the long run the ceramic coat acts as the perfect shield protecting your car from all kinds of harmful constituents in the environment – UV rays of the sun, dust, moisture, oxidation, corrosion, scratches, acids and alkalis.

In the final stages of exterior auto detailing in Miami, the windows and other exterior parts are rubbed, cleaned, and polished to transform the look of your car completely.

In the next phase, the interiors of the car are detailed. This includes vacuuming, scrubbing, cleaning the seats and upholstery using shampoos and soaps with the interior glasses also cleaned up thoroughly.

Another important aspect of auto detailing in Miami is cleaning the engine bay. This is an optional step that most car owners undertake before they sell off their car. Here too, the detailer will wash the internal parts and then rub them dry while ensuring that essential components are well-protected.

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