Amplify Your Inbox with Quality Leads by Investing in Best Demand Generation Strategy

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Demand generation is not everybody’s cup of tea. This article talks about the various techniques companies can sign up for with a professional demand generation company to enjoy a competitive edge and expand its ROI. Every marketer desires a sales funnel that is filled with quality leads.

Here is an interesting story that I recollect about IFP (Indiana Fluid Power) closing a USD 500K deal in just 90 days by outsourcing lead generation.

Sounds interesting. Isn’t it?

Every marketer desires a sales funnel that is filled with quality leads. However, factors such as target industry, size of marketing and sales teams, technical resources, and complexity of sales cycle determine the fate of a company’s lead generation efforts.

This is the primary reason why businesses turn to third parties to ensure an uninterrupted flow of prospects.

IFP, a company involved in motion control and automation systems for the industrial and mobile OEM marketplace, turned to a third-party B2B demand generation services company. Three months later, IFP successfully closed a USD 500,000 deal and had several other opportunities lined up in the sales funnel.

Suppose IFP, a company with a specific vertical target and several other complexities, could do it. In that case, a high quality lead generation services company can make it happen for any other business.

Decoding the secret to amplifying your inbox with quality leads

As people think twice before spending a dollar, lengthy buying decisions delay the B2B sales cycle and transform it into a prolonged process.

Poor leads, incorrect target audience, failure to obtain commitments, different subsets of customers are a few reasons for a slow and lengthy sales cycle.

Can this be fixed?

Heading toward the perfect sales strategy

As suitably coined by Liz Lange, renowned fashion designer and entrepreneur, “Every brand isn’t for everybody, and everybody isn’t for every brand.”

This beautifully explains the importance of wisely selecting your audience and building sales strategies that actually work.

There are several alternatives that third-party lead generation service providers offer. A business should thoughtfully select the permutation and combination that displays the potential to fulfill the company’s demand based on its requirements and the end goal.

Below is an assortment of lead generation services that businesses can mix and match to get sales in green and make profits.

Let’s check out what these options look like,

The power of data

In this digital era, data is an inevitable element in the marketing arsenal.

A B2B data solutions company with a range of solutions aids businesses to meet business objectives and scale up sales by focusing on targeted customer acquisition campaigns. They also deliver high-quality emails and data appending services that lead to higher efficiency.

High quality leads (HQL) in the sales funnel

A sales funnel is meaningful if it is sourced with high quality leads that have high chances of conversion in the near future.

But how to ensure the quality of leads?

HQL service providers are the answer.

Involved in delivering campaigns to discover qualified customer lists for a business, these services also help initiate initial communication between the brand and the lead.

Good quality leads don’t come easy. HQL service providers often perform a combination of the following activities,

  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Paid search
  • Lead nurturing
  • Email marketing
  • Whitepaper
  • Appointment setting
  • Lead follow-up

Importance of marketing qualified leads

Marketing qualified leads are a level up. They are leads that fulfill SLA (service level agreement) between the marketing and sales teams. They most often are achieved when the marketing qualified leads services company follows one or more of the following techniques,

  • Outbound content promotion
  • Content syndication marketing
  • Content syndication program
  • Inbound marketing and outbound sales development


We now live in the information world where people are well informed about their buying choices. However, it isn’t easy to find potential customers by deploying outdated, in-house, or traditional marketing and lead generation techniques. Only an end-to-end professional demand generation services company can cater to this.

Tip of the day: Say no to frivolous moves and yes to solid strategies backed with the right lead generation services deal.

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