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All about Rear Differential: Auto Care and Maintenance!!

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The rear differential is basically a mechanical device that most vehicle owners overlook and in which they don’t invest in much care and maintenance.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few important points about rear differential- how does it work, signs of a bad rear differential, and how to fix differential problems.

To start with, let’s discuss about what does the rear differential exactly does?

The rear differential is mainly used to provide engine power to the driving wheels of the vehicle. The engine power is provided to the rear differential housing via the driveshaft and further is transmitted to the car wheels through a system of gears. The differentials are a very prudent part of a vehicle’s drivetrain system and always remember that without the differential, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to run.  There are numerous types of car differentials, however, they all function the same way and do the same thing, i.e. powering the driving wheels, allowing the driving wheel to turn at a different speed, and helping the traction to allow the smooth and safe running of the car.

While the rear-wheel drive cars have their differential mounted on the rear axle, the front-wheel drive cars have transaxle that works as both the differential as well as the transmission. Moreover, all-wheel drive cars have their differentials on the front and at the rear.

Signs of a bad rear differential:

The bad rear differential can easily be marked out of it is leaking oil or if the housing is punctured or bent. Besides, other signs of a faulty rear differential are blocked rear wheels and grinding sound coming from the differential when the wheels are turning. However, the worst situation is when the internals of the differentials are so broken that the wheels aren’t able to turn at all. So, if you notice symptoms like these then you definitely have a problem with your car’s rear differential and you immediately need professional rear differential repair services.


How to maintain your vehicle’s differential?

One of the most important ways of maintaining your car’s rear differential is by regularly changing the differential fluid. Keep in mind that the gear or differential oil is much denser as compared to motor oil and depending on the type of rear differential your car has, the fluid changing duration can vary from 40 to 50,000 miles. Also, because the differential is situated beneath the car, you should avoid rough driving and hitting it on the rocks, since doing these can damage or break the differential housing, and also cause oil leakage.

The next thing you can do to get it repaired is go to a professional rear differential repair service center and get it checked by expert mechanics. Rather than fixing the issue all by yourself and causing more damage, take your car to an experienced mechanic and get it fixed by them. Just keep in mind to check the total experience and professionalism of the mechanic, and make sure to get it repaired by the right personnel.

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