Add A Vumber To Your Existing Number & Use It As Your Business Line

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In potential business platforms, enterprisers hesitate to display their contact numbers because of the risk factors associated with the disclosure of their personal information. Any kind of blooper can transfer the confidential and essential data straight away to the hackers’ devices.

So, how about making or receiving calls to someone else without disclosing your real number? How about having a disposable number on your phone, let’s say, a virtual number that can act as your company’s phone number? Quite amazing, right?

Well, it is all possible with Vumber – a remarkable platform that is intelligently-engineered to add business numbers to cell phones. If we talk about its functions, it basically does onething and it does it well, i.e., providing a cheap, easy-as-pie, safe, disposable, and virtual phone number to be used as a business line.

So, how does a Vumber work, how can you add a Vumber to your existing number, what is the signing process, what benefits will it bring to your business? – we are going to discuss all of them!

Here we go!

How To Set Up a Vumber?

You can setup your Vumber within a few minutes. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps for adding a Vumber to your existing number!

  • Visit @
  • Choose from the Vumber plans as shown: Basic, Talker, and Business. A 14-day free trial is also given to first-time users.
  • Now select an area code of your choice.
  • After selecting the area code of your choice, you will receive a Vumber instantly.
  • Then, link your Vumber to home, work, or any other phone you have.
  • Now, you can make or receive calls by using your Vumber.

How Does A Vumber Work As Your Business Line?

On a normal basis, the number of the caller is displayed on the screen of the receiver. This may prove as a potential threat, especially for the business realm where a plethora of calls, emails, messages, voicemails are exchanged on a daily basis.

A Vumber acts as a protective shield by disguising your real or personal number with a virtual one. Whether you need to put your company’s phone number on classified ads, for subscription-based services, on your eCommerce store, or any other thing, you need not put your actual number. Just fill-up the section with your Vumber and experience ultimate safety as well as ease. When your customers will call on your Vumber, i.e., the number you have displayed, theywill not be able to detect your actual number and will think that they are calling on your real phone number.

In addition, you can also make calls from your Vumber. Just dial your virtual number and then dial the number of the receiver you want to connect with. The receiver’s screen will be displayed by your Vumber, and not by your real number.

So, Vumber basically acts and looks like a real number with the aim to add business numbers to cell phones, so that you can make or receive calls with ultimate privacy protection and without hindering the performance of your pre-existing numbers.


  1. Higher Flexibility &Control

When your customers will call on your Vumber, you will have flexible options to control and handle the calls. You can:

  • Answer the calls.
  • Transfer it to the Vumbermail.
  • Give a busy signal.
  • Give an out-of-service message.
  • Give a custom message created by you.
  1. Provides True Privacy

With the help of your Vumber, you do not have any need to spread your actual number for expanding your business. As this platform is specially designed to create virtual and disposable numbers, it provides multi-faceted protection to your business regarding information hacking.

  1. Reduced Cumbersomeness

Handling two-three mobile phones – one for business,one for home, one for friends – can be really hulking for you. Vumber allows you to use your company’s phone number withoutaffecting the work of your personal number, that too, on a single phone.

  1. Helps You With Local As Well As Long-Distance Customers

No matter whether your customersare scattered across the country or they are miles away from you, the option to ‘select area code as per your suitability is no more than a boon for your business.

  1. Limitless Switching

If at some stage, you feel like changing your Vumber, you can do it without any hesitation. Moreover, there is no limit to how many timesyou can do that, amazing right? Well, how can this be helpful? It is very helpful in cases where you feel like your data might be misused by someone else.

Bottom Line

A company’s or a business’s personal information is way more valuable than any other thing. The very thought of capturing and misusing the company’s data by some else can be horrific or haunting to the owners.

Undoubtedly, Vumber is excellent for potential business applications or any other business platforms because it helps to expand businesses by ensuring safety and security.

So, embrace Vumble for safe business growth!


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