A-List of The Healthiest Methods to Intake Cannabis

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You all are well aware that inhaling any type of smoke resulting from combustion is unhealthy for your lungs. Whether it comes from tobacco or from a broiler, the smoke will leave some harmful particles in your body. The main risk is, of course, lung cancer. But when we talk about smoking cannabis, everything gets a little more complex. That is why we present you with a list of healthy methods to intake cannabis.


The easiest way to consume cannabis is by vaporization. The vaporizers allow smoke-free consumption. They work by heating cannabis below its combustion temperature, generally between 180 and 220 ° C, which has the effect of producing a vapor filled with the active ingredients of weed, without any by-product of possible combustion ( tars and other carbon monoxides for example).


Cannabis concentrates are the result of an extraction process from the whole plant or flower. Many terms designate the final result of the extraction, depending on the method used or the final aspect: hashish, BHO, wax, shatter, live rosin.

Extractions are generally consumed in dab, vaporization which calls for a “bang in dab”. To simplify, the consumer heats his empty socket, comes to place his extract there and inhales the vapor which gives off.

Concentrates are preferred by medical users for their purity (if they are well made) and their consumption without combustion (if you do not heat the extract too much or not directly). Halfway between vaporization and concentrates are pen vaporizers (close to e-cigarettes) whose cartridges contain CBD and/or THC e-liquids.

The Edibles

It’s not just inhalation in life! A good alternative is an ingestion, such as eating edibles cannabis-infused food. These represent a large part of the cannabis business in the United States. The CBD edibles are available in many forms for both – humans as well as pets. Like CBD candies, coffee, sandwiches for humans and holistapet cat treats, CBD oil for dogs for pets. Strictly regulated, the power of each space food is indicated on each package, and allows users to choose the right dose according to what they or their pet can intake.

If you choose the edibles, several precautions must be taken:

An overdose in the recipe quickly arrived. Respect the doses recommended for space cakes.

Do not consume too much. Wait 30 to 45 minutes after taking a slice before serving again. The effects take time to arrive and are much less pleasant when you have taken two parts when the first has not yet acted.

Bongs and Water Pipes

The water in a bong is not right there to reproduce the soundtrack of Cypress Hill. Water softens the smoke, retains any ash and most of the particles that turn into tar in your lungs. It is also for this reason that you should change the water in your bong regularly.

Water or ice do not retain all of the by-products of combustion. Even if water reduces the potential risks, it is the worst of the best methods for using cannabis.

Chill and Enjoy! 

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