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A Guide to Real Wigs for Men

Now the market says real wigs for men, how to determine is real person hair? Real person hair has a lot of classification again, how can you spend money to buy the wig that oneself like? Now I’m going to show you the ingredients of a wig, according to the raw materials: human hair, chemical fiber, animal hair.
real wigs for men is also classified according to the source: Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, mese hair, Mongolian hair, Vietnamese hair, European hair, etc. Among them, the raw materials of human hair from India occupy the largest proportion and are the cheapest, while Russian hair is closest to the requirements of European and American markets with relatively high quality and price. Chinese hair: Chinese hair is the largest amount of raw materials for making wigs at present. China has a large population, and the hair is relatively hard and coarse. After acid treatment, it can be bleached and dyed, and then decorated to the head.
What we basically see when the quality of judgment wig is raw material, it is amplitude next, so-called amplitude is the length that points to a hair. In short: if a hair curtain runs down from the top if it’s thick at the top and thin at the bottom then this range is poor. So the range is different when feeding the grade is different, the price is not the same. What see a hair namely again is smooth degree and feel.
The touch that the person sends is best, the wig that real person hair does is to choose the pure person hair that passes processing to make and become, its lifelike degree is tall, not easy knot, ok bureau, dye, hot, convenient transform hairstyle, the price is higher, qualitative effect is not too good. The second is chemical fiber (chemical fiber is brighter). The wig of chemical fiber is made of chemical fiber, which has poor verisimitality. It feels itchy after wearing and is easy to react with the scalp. But the price is cheap, the stereotype effect is lasting; But the use of this chemical fiber for a long time to the scalp has a metabolic block effect, not long-term use. And finally, animal hair. Because of the same weight of hair curtain animal hair than human hair and chemical fiber significantly fluffy, second feel is not the same. Of course, the difference between synthetic fiber and animal hair is not very great. But in terms of price, animal hair is a little more expensive than synthetic fiber. There are also wigs made from a mixture of all three or both.

Wigs cover a head directly namely, hair quantity is more than fill hair piece, the price also compares fill hair piece tall. Many shops are selling 70% human hair +30% chemical fiber wig, it is recommended not to buy, because wear chemical fiber for a period of time will static knotting, not easy to take care of. If you choose real hair, be careful to distinguish it. Real hair is not meant to be upscale. There are garbage dyeing foam hair, and the hair quality is very soft braided hair, the middle price is also a lot of difference, if the late dyeing or hot effect will be different. The most important thing is that good hair quality can be worn for three or four years. If it is garbage hair worn for a few months, it is guaranteed to be upset and dregging. It feels like money is wasted.


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