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A Few Benefits of Cupping Therapy

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Before getting into the benefits of cupping therapy, let’s first look towards understanding cupping therapy.

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping therapy is a Chinese remedy based on the belief that health problems stem from stagnant blood and low energy flow throughout the body.

Chinese medicine practitioners and other global cupping therapists, use silicone or glass cups and create a suction pressure on the skin’s surface. Cupping therapy is administered on the back, but nowadays, it is also being used even as a therapy on the facial region. Depending on the problem faced, either the cups are left in place or moved from place to place with a sliding motion often by oil or lotion.

The pressure created by the cups draws all blood to the affected areas and then increases the flow of blood to the area.

The correlation between pain and cupping therapy:

Where there’s stagnation of blood, there will be a pain (ranging from mildly painful to excessively painful). When one gets rid of the stagnation of blood, there’s a quick, lasting relief in pain as well.

Chinese beliefs dictate that there will be a variety of types of pain caused by blockage of Qi, stagnation of blood and even congestion somewhere in the body. Cupping is used to relieve problems related to deep tissue massage in Carlton and other such kinds of massage in Parkville.

This technique has been used by famous athletes on a world championship level. Even Michael Phelps has been an advocate for this therapy. Even Kaley Cuoco (main lead lady in The Big Bang Theory) has been inadvertently using this technique to relieve bodily pain.

Other benefits of cupping therapy:

  • Combined Therapies: Cupping can be used as a standalone therapy or even be combined with other forms of alternative treatment techniques such as acupuncture and an array of massages. If can be used to treat,
    Soreness in the muscles, ranging amounts of pain, and even spasms.
  • Pain in the back, neck and even shoulders can be healed with this therapy.
  • Headaches and migraines are yet other types of ailments that cupping and acupuncture can treat.
  • It has also been known to treat anxiety disorders and other stress-related disorders.

Types of Cupping

There are majorly two types of cupping therapies, namely:

  • Dry Cupping: Dry cupping makes use of the suction only method without the use of any other external oils, medication of water. Whereas,
  • Wet cupping: Wet cupping involves the use of high suction and controlled medical bleeding.

These are the very few things one should understand and remember if interested to take up the cupping therapy sessions at deep tissue massage in Carlton. Apart from these pointers, make sure to know that this therapy can be administered on anybody unless objected by other medical practitioners. For example, those with deep vein thrombosis are advised not to go for any massage therapies. Anyone from athletes, actors, doctors to even children can go for this therapy if faced with pain in any specific area of the body. This will surely help relieve the pain.

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