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9 Reasons Why Portable Appliance Testing Is Important

Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT as it is sometimes called, should be considered by any institution that regularly uses portable appliances. This type of test can reliably tell you if the circuits powering your appliances are safe to use. If an appliance fails a PAT, it needs to be repaired/replaced before use.

Test and tag Sydney owner Liam Jones explains that portable appliance testing is important because it protects consumers from injury and saves lives. If you are looking to purchase an electric or gas-powered portable appliance, you should make sure that the appliance has undergone a thorough inspection process to ensure that it meets certain standards of safety. Portable appliances include anything from table saws, to generators, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, power washers, and chainsaws.

The following list explains the significance of having your portable appliances checked.

Portable Appliance Testing Prevents Injury 

This should be carried out regularly for your safety, ensuring you do not get injured while using electrical appliances. This includes dryers, ovens, dishwashers, microwave ovens, irons or any other electric appliance in the home. It may seem like common sense but it does help to know what can happen if these appliances are not tested before use. For example; an iron with a faulty cord could electrocute you when plugged into the wall.

Portable Appliance Testing Prevents Fires 

More Australians die in residential fires on average than by all-natural hazards combined, so you must take the extra few minutes out of your day to ensure that appliances are safe for use and do not cause any unnecessary damage to property, rescuers or victims. If for instance, an appliance has a faulty cord, again like an iron or hair straightener, there could be overheating which causes smoke or fire when plugged into the wall.

Portable Appliance Testing Keeps Your Home Safer 

Since portable appliance testing only takes a few minutes, it can easily be done regularly. It keeps the appliances in your home safer and prevents accidents or injuries that can happen by using faulty equipment. This is especially true with young children who may not know the dangers of electrical appliances, like irons for example which can cause burns if contact with skin is made.

Portable Appliance Testing Is Common Sense 

This procedure is important because it isn’t only common sense but it also makes you more aware of potential hazards around your home. A lot can happen if these appliances are not tested properly before use, injuries or fires could be caused that may be avoidable – so just think about that for a minute.

Portable Appliance Testing Keeps Appliances Working Properly 

Another reason why this kind of testing is important is that it ensures that appliances are working properly, to begin with. This means that you can go ahead and use them for their intended purpose without being concerned about the quality. If certain parts are faulty, then they should be replaced before anything bad happens.

Portable Appliance Testing Prevents Dangerous Sparks 

This procedure also prevents dangerous sparks from being emitted by electrical appliances which can cause fires or even an explosion. For example, a hair straightener with faulty wiring when plugged into the wall could produce sparks that cause a fire or explosion.

Portable Appliance Testing Prevents Injuries to Children and Pets 

It prevents injuries to children and pets that may come into contact with these appliances. This goes hand in hand with preventing fires because if there is a fault, sparks will be produced which could injure the eyes of anyone nearby.

Portable Appliance Testing Is More Common Than You Think 

You don’t have to feel embarrassed about asking someone to help you check over electrical equipment before use, as it’s just something that everyone should do. You can also carry out this inspection yourself if you feel confident enough and know exactly what to look for and where things may be faulty.

Portable Appliance Testing is Important for Your Safety

It helps to keep the appliances in your home safe and sound. If they are not tested before use, then there could be dangerous results such as fires or injuries which occur as a result. So all appliances – even those like irons or hair straighteners, should be checked by you regularly before they are used.

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