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7 Different ways to use Flowers in Your Grand Wedding

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The wedding is a special day, and many people prefer flowers at their weddings. People feel the freshness of flowers in their wedding and they love to start their important day with natural beauty. Flowers are used in many different ways like brides carry the wedding bouquets; the guests drop dedicated petals of flowers on a couple, decoration of a venue with flowers and much more. There are many ways to use flowers in the wedding; here are the 7 different ways to use flowers in your grand wedding which will make your wedding interesting and different from a typical wedding.

1.Stunning Bridal Wear

At every wedding, the center of attraction is the bride and groom. Mainly, the bride has to be ready in an adorable way because everyone is looking at her. Most of the time, the bride add some flowers to their hair or some time she wear flower jewelry on some event of the wedding, so to make a bold statement, you can talk to the florist to choose and create the floral pieces that drape along a portion of a dress and that makes a stunning bridal wear more beautiful.

2.Light Bulb with Amazing Flowers

2. Light Bulb with Amazing Flowers –

If you want to make your big day extra special, then you must have to focus on the decoration. You can choose different kind of flower decoration along with the combination of other decorating stuff. The adorable light bulb with amazing flowers is a perfect combination to make an event grand, and still if you are not convinced with the beauty of the simple but amazing decoration, then you can glam it up by wrapping the top in small twine and along with that you can add some glitter in water for making decoration more attractive.

3.Delicious Flower Cake

3. Delicious Flower Cake –

Any event is incomplete without the cake. Cakes are available in different style and designs, so if you want the natural feel in the cake as well, so you can look for the delicious flower cake. Even you can also look for the online cake delivery, which is a more convenient option to get the wedding cake that is wrapped in greenery and punctuated with scary roses.

4.Cocktail with Flower

4. Cocktail with Flower –

Nowadays, serving the drinks have become a trend. So if you also want to make a statement, then you can use any of the beautiful flowers in the signature drink. The serving of a cocktail with the flower is really a great option, it makes a bold statement and your guests will like the idea of serving the drink in an innovative way.

5.Centerpieces Flowers 

5. Centerpieces Flowers –

Flowers play an important part in wedding decoration, so to make the event of wedding cheerful, you should have to choose the right decoration idea. There is a different kind of flowers available, so you can ask your florists to prepare the beautiful centerpieces flowers to keep in the wedding event, which will increase the beauty of the wedding and make your place happening.

6. Hanging Flowers Arrangements

6. Hanging Flowers Arrangements –

You can try different flower decoration style. Nowadays, there are different decoration style available, if you want to make your wedding decoration more beautiful and attractive, then you can look for the hanging flower arrangements idea. Even you can order flowers online as well to make your big day grander. Moreover, you can also send flowers online to make someone’s day more special.

 7.Floating Floral Pieces

7. Floating Floral Pieces –

Sometime, you must have to do the decoration as per the venue location. If the venue has a pool, fountain or pond, then you can choose the floating floral arrangements. Floating floral pieces will be a lovely way to enhance the features and beauty of the venue that you have chosen for the wedding. Moreover, for the evening wedding event, you can consider the floating candles along with floating floral pieces to enhance the romantic ambiance.

These are the 7 different ways to use flowers in your grand wedding. You can choose any idea to make your day extra special. Even you can choose the combination of different ideas to make the wedding event memorable. Thus, it is essential to choose the decoration idea as per the venue or location.

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