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7 Best Usersnap Alternative For Collecting Customer Feedback

Well, before we get on with the topic let’s get our whole audience familiar with the word, “Usernap” and everything about it from the ground. Although I’m sure our writers here must be aware of Usernap, let’s refresh all our memories, shall we?

Okay so basically Usernap is a platform that provides feedback to help software companies, we’ll mainly be SaaS companies to build a better version of their respective products and to get better at their services. And they usually help them by collecting user feedback that is actionable and then by sharing it with the stakeholders. 

Moreover, Usernap is not just any company but a renowned company that has thousands of well-known customers brands like Airbus, Canva, Microsoft, Hawaiian Airlines, Instacart, and the list goes on. These companies use Usernap just to create feedback that matters and their feedback better in every single way possible. 

Now that we have a gist about what our topic is, let’s get started.

7 Best Usersnap alternative for collecting customer feedback

Client feedback is getting a primary the motorist of growth enterprise. With companies coming up with inventions and credentials, it’s important to have a feedback tool that truly listens to your guests. 

Indeed though collecting feedback has been a challenge for numerous brands, a feedback operation approach might efficiently satisfy your client needs.

Erecting a brand-new product requires a lot of difficulty and tolerance, and once the product is launched amidst your implicit guests, you anticipate them to savor the treat.

You want them to like your product so that they can level up their prospects for your brand. But, are they really happy with your product? This is the question you must critically consider.

A new profound study of Harvard Business Review has reported that asking for client feedback is in itself enough to drive guests’ attention and response. Suppose you can find out a way to measure the overall success of your client service strategies and admit their experience. In that case, you can painlessly make a proper product and drive invention.

1. Feedsocio 

The first and foremost alternative for Usernap is Feedsocio, not to mention the fact that this is the best alternative for the Usernap platform. This platform has numerous features that can benefit you, for instance- it’s a neat and very clear place to keep track of all your customer requests. This is followed by the main point which is, here you’ll learn a lot about your audience and your customer but only if you give them a voice. Here you can prioritize comments, establish a smart roadmap and even provide your customers with automated updates. 

2. User Voice

UserVoice has majored in the area of assisting firms to make smart and productive product decisions. The second major concern of this platform is to increase user engagement and customer retention while the costs are decreased. Product teams can easily collaborate, have better services and achievements and do better with the sales team with UserVoice. 

3. Pendo 

To help teams build a unified platform, pendo is an alternative to usernap that surveys, fill feedback forms, product roadmaps, and built in-app assistance to help collect users data. Pendo can help you push your capabilities to leverage vital insights and track user behaviour on site. Another benefit that pendo offers is that it enables you to make guided courses and polls for your app. And hold your breath, here comes the good news! Pendo now handles up to 1,000 monthly active users on its free version. 

4. Upvoty

An experienced management experience that helps companies in gathering, storing, and analyzing feedback is all that Upvoty does. Its features include-

  • Product roadmap
  • Post monitoring 
  • Feedback boards

In addition to all these features, there is an extraordinary feature that all such feedback forms can be easily connected to third-party apps and even Google analytics. This platform is considered ideal for all startups and SaaS enterprises. 

5. User report

Do you want to know what makes a user report? 

A survey and a feedback form together make a user report. This report allows you to have simple and direct connection/interaction with people or your audience. That way you know what your audience is looking for, their suggestions, and the ways they want you to improve. And for the time being, the platform is free for use. 


A tool for tracking feature requests from a wide range of people and you can use savio to track people down, whoever you choose to from any position in the world. Like for example-

  • Help scout
  • Slack may
  • Intercom

These are some companies that offer feedback in a single spot. These feedbacks are not that hard to acquire and can easily be grabbed via-

  • Zendesk
  • HubSpot
  • And various other platforms

Last but not the least, its entry-level plan is a bundle of just $25 per month. 


Do you also want a place that can keep track of all your customer requests? That there is no better platform other than Nolt for you. With just $25 per month, Nolt board is the best platform you’ll ever get. 


We’re sure you guys must be well aware of the importance of driving customers to local wholesale shops, right? So just take it this way, having feedback from an experienced customer is as important as that for all the SaaS companies. And above we’ve mentioned the best 7 alternatives for usernap that you can use.

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