7 Best Backyard Playhouse Plans for Kidskids

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Making kids involved in outdoor activities is a good option and parents wish to treat their kids with a cool backyard playhouse. Doing this will provide your kid a safe outdoor shelter where they can spend most of their time. If you go with a ready-made playhouse, this can interfere with your budget.

No worries, as there are many free plans out there which you can go with. Here are some best backyard playhouse plans given which can help you to build a perfect 12×18 window home depot for your kid. Planning is the most important thing that makes a big impact on the successful creation of the playhouse.

Have a look at some important decisions that you have to consider when building a playhouse!

Size of playhouse

As you are planning to create a playhouse for your kid, the first thing to take care of is the size of the playhouse. However, it will depend on the preferences and the space available in the backyard. How you can determine the size is by considering the size of the yard and the number of kids is there. If the backyard is big, you can create a castle with kids playing room. In case of less space, it is better to go with a packed playhouse plan on the corner side.

If a bigger playhouse is required for more kids, you can go with a 2-story playhouse. The kids will get enough space for playing in such a playhouse.


This is totally your decision as to which wood you would like to use for the outdoor playhouse. Never think otherwise while picking up the materials. Moreover, there are different categories of the material to be used – frame materials which include pressure-treated wood, regular kiln dried, and redwood for the playhouse construction.

The other thing is about decking, which again includes pressure treated, composite, softwood, and hardwood for the deck of the playhouse. The next thing is the trimming section, which includes pressure-treated wood, regular kiln-dried lumber for doing the trimming section. About the 12×18 playhouse window, single pane shed types are good if you are planning for glass windows as they have less cost. The last step is roofing which you can go with cedar, asphalt, and metal whichever you want to use.

Things to build a playhouse

What will keep you inside a playhouse? It will depend on what type of playhouse you are planning to create. The ground level is recommended, because for safety reasons. When you are building the ground playhouses, you can create a deck that gets disposed of on one counter side. On the other hand, if the playhouse is a tower, always go with a soft foundation like grass or play woof.

Free playhouse plans

Now that you have got an idea related to building a playhouse, the next thing is what are the playhouse plans which you can consider while building a playhouse for your kids.

Retro A-frame

The retro playhouse plans are a perfect commendation to the early time architectural style. It is superficial and still looks great to your kids. You can add a colorful door into this kind of playhouse.

Wooden playhouse

If you are fond of some natural and easy DIY projects, you can create a wooden playhouse which is a good option. Having round 12×18 window glass and an open-floor design, it is a modern style to be followed. This doesn’t include any foundation, you will need a lawn. It can also be moved to storage when the weather is unfavorable.

Pirate playhouse

The addition of a pirate shape into your playhouse will be a perfect add-on to your backyard playhouse. You can end it by adding a slide, ladder and you are good to go.

Dwarf cottage

It is a very easy DIY playhouse plan that works ideal for small backyards. Inside it, there will be a single room that can be adorned with mats and small furniture. The windows should also be opened up the space.

Outdoor fort

If you have small kids in your house, you can go with a castle playhouse that can provide long fun and playing hours. You can also add customization as per your kid’s choice so that they spend more and more time playing outdoors.


Another good option is the tower playhouse which is a perfect hideout in your backyard. The perfect area where you can create it is around a tree for a shady feel. The extra things are ladder and slide addition, gracing it with curtains.

Conventional playhouse

A conventional playhouse plan is also a good option along with a fenced front porch, many 12×18 chicken coop window, and can be added into the backyard.

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