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5 Reasons for Selecting the Green Choice Wood Watches

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Wood Watches

In today’s trendy world, where fashion is on the peak. Wristwatches are something that has been changed completely from its appearance or working. Nowadays, wooden watches are the latest trend. These watches embody an excellent style statement for males and females. These watches are made from the best quality woods that look extremely elegant and artistic because they are handmade and unique in their own way.

There are some particular reasons due to which wooden watches are called green watches. While going green is the global resolution, these watches are showing the benefit of adopting the holistic lifestyle to its audience by offering green benefits in 5 major ways.

Reason No 1: 3R (Recycling, Reuse, and Reduce)

As we all know that wood is a natural product and the watches which are made with natural products are environment-friendly by all means. Wood pieces used in making these unique watches are recycled or leftover materials. Use of different wooden pieces in manufacturing watches helps in waste management. Wooden watches are great examples of applying 3Rs, which are recycling of the natural products, reuse of the left-over products, and reduce which automatically promotes waste management. It is one of the reasons wooden watches are called green watches.

Reason No 2: Woody watches are free from the toxic effect

If you have sensitive skin or you have allergy from metallic products then in such cases, wooden watches are absolutely the best option for you. As wood is free from all types of toxic effects, and it is hypoallergenic. Such kind of wrist watches is good for skin as well as healthy for the environment.

Reason No 3: Wooden watches are durable 

Wooden watches are excellently durable: they last longer and require little maintenance. Unlike wood-made furniture, these wristwatches do not need regular polishing; only gentle cleaning is sufficient for retaining its elegance for years.

Reason No 4: The production process is energy efficient

Wooden watches are produced manually and hardly the process needs energy back up: it saves energy use. A wood watch is handmade, which assures the skill set and workmanship of the watchmaker who can create a wood piece in the shape of a stunning timepiece. Each wooden watch is a work of an artist and every watch is a unique creative piece rather than a machine product.

As there is no any kind of machine used in the entire manufacturing process which means no gas or other air polluting emission. It is an excellent way to keep your environment clean and green. 

Reason No 5: Biodegradable raw material can be reused

It cannot be refuted that wood products are biodegradable or they can be reused or recycled as well. For instance, you can easily change the wood band for another wooden watch. The raw material of these watches can be collected from local resources and suppliers.

Exploring the web to find watches online is absolutely a great option as there are numerous online stores who offer an amazing discount on these unique watches. 

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