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5 Popular Indoor Playground Design Ideas

In the busy life on the fast lane that most people are in today, parents want to entertain their children without having to go outside. This has led to a rise in indoor playgrounds across the country. Many people enjoy taking their children on outings and spending time together as a family; however, due to safety and time constraints, there is often not enough time for this.


The good news, according to playground equipment provider Anthony Swain, is that more creative entrepreneurs are designing new and exciting fashions for indoor play areas where kids can run off energy inside buildings instead of outdoors. Many children play outdoors for most of their childhood, but there are times when the weather is not always very reliable. Rain, snow, or high winds can force your little ones inside. If they have to spend a lot of time indoors instead of playing outside, consider getting them an indoor playground.


The following indoor playground designs will provide kids with hours of entertainment, as well as opportunities for socialization.


Creative Minimalist Playground 

Kids are undoubtedly attracted to bright, vibrant colours and playful shapes. As a parent or caretaker of kids, you might feel tempted to go for bright hues that will attract the attention of children. However, it is not advisable to do so because you could very well be violating safety standards. Safety should always come first when building an indoor playground for kids. If you consider this, your playground can have sturdy pieces but still retain its appeal through creative minimalist designs with simple hues like blue, green, grey and white.


Interactive Walls

A playground is incomplete without fun interactive walls so helping your kids burn excess energy should never be a problem. Sure, it would be nice to take kids out on long walks or outdoor exercises but you cannot always do this especially if the weather is bad or if there are strict rules about allowing your kids outside unsupervised. When parents give their children the chance to play indoors, they expect them to do things like colour, read books, draw pictures and participate in other healthy activities instead of watching television too often tapping away at electronic devices all day. Sure, there is nothing wrong with watching TV but you should also make sure that your kids do not spend too much time playing on tablets and cellphones. Children need to be more active by running around, engaging in physical activities and interacting with people as well as their surroundings. To achieve this, you can build a playground wherein interactive walls serve as focal points where kids can burn excess energy from being cooped up inside the house all day.


Slopes and Ramp Features 

Slopes and ramp features are popular additions to modern playgrounds. Slope ramps are often used by builders because they not only provide children with different activities, they also help develop motor skills as well as balance abilities while allowing children to have fun at the same time. These ramps are beneficial because adults do not need to actively participate in the activity so the children can enjoy themselves without feeling restricted or limited.


Climbing Walls 

Climbing walls are among some of the most popular equipment found in indoor playgrounds so parents should not be surprised if their children spend quite a lot of time engaging with these features on an everyday basis. Whether they are climbing up one side and sliding down another or using different ladders, climbers offer children more areas where they can exercise safely indoors while having fun at the same time. One of the best things about these climbing walls is that they come in different styles and designs.


Slide and Swing Features 

Slides and swings are both popular forms of entertainment for children regardless of whether they are playing indoors or outside. Not only do slides offer a thrilling yet safe way to enjoy your surroundings, but there are also different models kids can pick from which allow them to go down in different ways such as by sitting on a tube or lying down on their bellies with legs outstretched.

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