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5 Indications Of Furnace Repair in Manhattan or Queens

furnace repair

Feeling the cold wind enter and chill your bones is not a good way of remaining secluded at home in winter. The problem may be within your furnace. So, go ahead and place a call to a well known technician for furnace repair in Manhattan and you would be able to bask in the comforting warmth once again. Well, it sounds like a swift solution but the catch lies elsewhere. You may not be able to realize that it is your furnace that needs repairs. Check out some of the most common tell-tale signs of furnace repair below and get the necessary tasks done ASAP.

1. Inflated Energy Bills – It is natural to be perturbed at finding the utility bill amounts being increased every month. This indicates that you have a faulty heating or cooling system. It is easy to guess which particular area is the troublemaker when you notice it in winter. Remember, that the “U.S. Department of Energy” also advises replacing 10 year old furnaces with a new and energy efficient one. However, the problem might also stem from a faulty part within the furnace. Contacting a HVAC professional is sure to help in rectifying the underlying issue.

2. No airflow – The airflow may be impaired at times making you less than comfortable. Simply putting up with it and hoping that the problem will go away on its own is not the right way to look at it though. On the contrary, you may experience the air flow receding steadily and stopping altogether. Do perk up and contact a seasoned technician immediately. This problem can arise due to a variety of factors namely a dirty filter, leaky duct or a mismatch of parts.

3. Noisy System – A heating system can be a trifle noisy once it is turned on. However, you would be right to be worried if the noise seems to be loud or unnatural. Scraping sounds, a high pitched squeal or banging are signs of something seriously wrong with the furnace. It is best to contact an experienced HVAC professional to check the entire system meticulously and repair the issue. You may have to replace a few parts to have the furnace working optimally again.

4. Inconsistent heating – While the lack of air flow can alarm you, it equally upsetting to feel the warmth declining. Moreover, you may feel the heat increase times too. A heating system should provide equal heating and no abrupt changes of temperature. The root cause may include issues such as blocked burners, a crack or fissure within the ducts or low fuel.

5. Pooling of water – An old furnace may leak water causing pooling around it. You can check for it by inspecting the area under the furnace. This is a sign of clogs in the condensate line. Do not try to handle it yourself though. You will require the services of a HVAC expert who has the required amount of expertise and experience.

Replacing the furnace ever so often does not make sense. However, you can prolong the life of an existing one by contacting a pro dept at furnace repair in Queens.

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