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5 Foods to Avoid for Good Oral Health

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Select dental offices in Torrance suggest avoiding these 4 foods that damage your teeth. Too much of them will melt, erode, discolor and destroy the enamel on your teeth. Professionals from the dental offices in Torrence can give provide proper preventative measures the reason the teeth are white. Enamel is the protective layer over bunched up minerals that are stronger than bone. Keeping them clean and safe is a process that is necessary for oral health.

Coffee: The brown tint of the coffee created by the grounds of beans stains the teeth over a duration of time. One cup a day could be enough to cause discoloration. The subtle yellow tint over the teeth is stained into the enamel, making it difficult to reverse. You can visit dental offices in Torrance to see how much the color in your teeth has been effected. If the whiteness of your teeth is a concern, then you can consider not drinking too much coffee.

  1. Hard Candy: Guilty pleasures such as skittles and M&Ms are enough to cause scraping and scratching of the enamel on the teeth. It is okay to indulge in these sweets occasionally, but when you visit dental offices in Torrance, your Dentist will let you know if you are eating too much. Prepare for the future of your dental wellbeing by not eating hard candies.
  2. Soda: The sugar and carbonation in Sodas are bad for the body in more ways that one, but the teeth take a big hit. When you drink a soda, the sugar sticks to the teeth and any kind of plaque that may already be present. This breaks melts and weakens the enamel. The carbonation in soda is a chemical that melts down your teeth’s protection over time. It will not happen immediately, but as you get older, it will be impossible to undo the damage. Doctors across dental offices in Torrance suggest taking action now to avoid permanent tooth damage.
  3. Acidic Fruits: When visiting dental offices in Torrance, it comes as a surprise that fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and even bananas can cause gradual erosion to the teeth. This process is slow but can be the answer for subtle pain and tooth sensitivity. Though it isn’t as strong as a risk as carbonated sodas, it can be a single preventative measure for protecting teeth.
  4. Chewy Candy: Sticky candies pose an issue because they get stuck in and on the teeth. Sometimes it can be missed or even to deep in between the teeth when brushing to get the sugar out. This causes deterioration of enamel in one spot and causes cavities.

Taking up alternatives to the foods you should avoid can help the overall journey to a healthy lifestyle. In steady of soda or drinks with carbonation, be sure to drink water. Candy can be replaced with fruits of low acidity and natural sugars such as grapes or watermelon.

Foods and snacks of similar consistency and chemical makeup as the above should also be eaten with care. You do not need to quit the above all together, but too much of anything can be a bad thing. This is a preemptive measure to maintaining your teeth. There are other steps that can be taken to ensure your dental health is to code such as going for regular dental visits with one of your local dental offices in Torrance.

In the process of quitting the disadvantageous eating habits, dental offices in Torrance encourage the community to floss often to remove hard to reach obstructions in the teeth that can cause cavities. It is also important to brush carefully with fluoride toothpaste and rinse with fluoride mouth wash because it can help gradually restore the enamel.

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