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5 Demand Generation Strategies to Reinvigorate Businesses in the Asia-Pacific Region in 2022

After grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, businesses are now aiming at improving their top-funnel performance. B2B marketers realize the importance of invoking curiosity, knowledge, and subsequent demand for their offerings in the marketplace. 

For instance, the B2B sales cycle is long and multi-tiered in markets like Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Here, impulse-based selling can no longer work, especially when it comes to digital demand generation in Singapore; the marketplace is highly competitive. To make your mark amidst the intense competition, mastering the art and science of digital demand generation is necessary. 

Here are five winning demand generation strategies to reinvigorate your business in 2022:

Reach out to Prospects with the Right Buying Intent:

For almost a decade, B2B businesses have focused on targeting the right demographic profile. As per the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore, successful enterprises have described their ICP in detail for marketing campaigns. These primarily include the age bracket, socio/economic profile, company type, professional designation, and geographical zones. In 2022, it is time for B2B marketers to screen this process further with the right buying intent. Intent data show you which leads are actively searching for your offerings online. Harnessing this data can give you a steady stream of high-prospect leads to pursue.

Partner with Certified Experts for Digital Demand Generation:

In Asia-Pacific’s highly-competitive B2B business realm, it is incredibly challenging to make in-roads as a start-up. Hiring an in-house digital marketing team and training them is super-expensive and time-consuming. In contrast, outsourcing digital demand generation to certified professionals with valuable expertise, updated databases, and the latest technology ensures high ROI.

Curate Content for Every Stage of Your Demand Generation Campaign:

Digital demand generation is a critical process. Merely producing sales-centric content will not help this process, especially in the Asia-pacific region where clients make informed decisions. For instance, facilitating demand generating in Singapore, Malaysia, India, etc., will require you to make prospects aware of their problem points, thereby invoking demand. Moreover, it is crucial to focus on creating informative yet engaging content in the initial phases to draw attention. Once you have invoked their awareness and attention, shift to brand-building. As high-value leads pass towards the bottom of your funnel, move to marketing-oriented content.

Opt for Sales and Marketing Automation:

Besides the need for digital demand generation, online sales queries and marketing automation have also risen. B2B businesses realize the importance of AI-run tools to streamline sales and marketing operations. AI in digital demand generation can provide a significant boost to your online presence. These don’t just include SERPs, but social media and overall online reputation management, too.

Leverage the Right Digital Engagement Data:

Be it for your website or app, the user engagement data can provide valuable insights for your digital marketing campaign. Study the research patterns, click-through rates, conversions, data from chatbots, tracking cookies, and so on. Rely on AI-driven algorithms to get relevant insights and high-priority action points from this data.


With an increasingly vibrant B2B business realm across Asia-Pacific, demand for hiring reputed and competent digital marketing agencies in Singapore, Malaysia, India, the US, etc., are skyrocketing. New-age businesses now realize that seeking professional assistance for digital demand generations can ease their sales and marketing pressure. It allows you to focus on your operations and core competence while astute professionals handle demand generation.


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