4 Important Points You Must Include In Your Medical School Personal Statement

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Most students require medical school personal statement help as it is not easy to write one. Many students have no idea how to write a personal statement. Other students have many ideas, but they don’t know what should be included in the narrative. 

It is important for an applicant to learn what idea should be included in the personal statement and what should be reserved for the supplemental essays and other parts of the application. 

You can take a variety of approaches to write a powerful medical school personal statement. However, your personal statement must have the following four key components regardless of your approach. 

These four components are the must for writing a compelling medical school personal statement.


  • Personal narrative


  • Patient care experiences
  • Reasons for pursuing medicine
  • Your strengths



Personal Narrative

Make sure that your medical school personal statement has a personal touch. You can describe you as a person to give a personal touch to the statement. However, keep in mind that it should be a small description. Virtually, every essay contains something about the clinical experiences, research involvement, academic achievements or community services by the applicant. However, you can make it unique and personal by including your other passions. It can be music, writing or any other passion. Your outside interests can make your personal statement stand out. Take your time and write a compelling statement that can connect the reader on a human level. Every applicant comes with a GPA score, MCAT score and experiences in hospitals. Make sure that the reader is able to see you as a multidimensional individual.

Patient-Care Experiences 

Personal statements of all applicants include their clinical experiences as a volunteer, shadow or medical assistant. It is important to carefully reflect the meaning of those experiences. How did those experiences make you realize that medicine is the right choice for you? After describing your clinical experiences, share the insight you gained from them. What did you learn about the medical profession? Show that you understand medicine as a career. Include concrete terms to solidify your desire to be a healthcare professional. You can share a few anecdotes. For example, you can tell about your observations about a physician forming relationships with patients. You can include your learnings from those observations or describe how those observations increased your interest in medicine.

Reason For Pursuing Medicine

Why do you want to pursue medicine? This is an important question to answer. Make sure that you are directly and clearly expressing your reasons to become a healthcare professional. When an applicant does not present a clear answer to this question, the admission committee has to find the answer from anecdotes and experiences. This makes the reader’s job difficult. You can make your medical school application more acceptable by summarising your experiences and stating your reasons behind pursuing medicine in one or two sentences. There is nothing wrong with mentioning what you like about this profession. You might have observed different types of surgical procedures when you shadowed a surgeon. This can also be a valid reason.

Your Strengths

This profession is entirely different from other professions. A good physician must have the following traits: 


  • Communication


  • Empathetic
  • Passionate
  • Professional
  • Respectful
  • Knowledgeable



Make sure that you can bring these traits to the medical school and this profession. Strengths in your medical school personal statement should not be all about your positive attributes. Reflect these traits in your personal and professional experiences. For example, you can describe how team-based activities made you a team player. Simply writing that you are a solid team player is not convincing enough. Let them know how you acquired those strengths and skills. It is important to show that these are your genuine strengths.

A personal statement is an important part of the medical school application process. You have to get it right. As it is “personal statement”, you should write it on your own. However, you should take medical school personal statement help to make sure that you are doing it right. You can get this help from a medical personal statement editing services provider.

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