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4 Heavy-Duty Vehicle Issues You Must Not Ignore

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Heavy duty vehicles such as transport trucks, dump trucks, farming equipment, and buses are undeniably big investments and their breakdown or malfunctioning can sometimes result in fatal injuries and catastrophic results. Therefore, one should never take issues of heavy-duty vehicles for granted.


Whenever you notice the following signs or face the following issues, the first step of yours should be to hire heavy-duty vehicle repair service. But, before going directly to signs and issues, first check out what you must know.


Things You Must Know in Advance

Different companies sell different models of heavy-duty vehicles in the market and therefore, it makes the decision process confusing up to some extent. While you may experience different issues depending on the model you have bought, the amount of time for which it runs on a daily basis also impacts its functioning significantly.


So, before investing in a model, you should research on which models are reported to have more problems than others. When it comes to the repair of that model, the approach and availability of parts is also what plays a great role.


Heavy-Duty Vehicle Issues


Here are some common and most important heavy-duty vehicle issues on which you should keep your eyes on:


  • Transmission Issues

This is one of the most important components of a vehicle and having issues with it is a sign of expensive repair. So, before the issue gets escalated to a higher level, look for a heavy duty vehicle repair. Whether you have purchased a new vehicle or a used vehicle, you should check out if it is an automatic or manual transmission.


If the transmission is damaged beyond repair, its replacement must be your decision even if its cost is high. Otherwise, a skilled mechanic can repair it. Regular check-up and maintenance is the key to avoid major transmission issues.


  • Rust Formation

You can learn about several rust-related problems by checking the entire body of your vehicle. It can be a compromise with your safety if your vehicle’s body is rusting. Rusting in the metal near the gas tank can lead to puncture in the fuel line and cause gas to leak while refueling. In addition, a rusted vehicle body compromises its ability to absorb the impact damage properly.


  • Oil Leakage

The most noticeable problem with oil leaking from the engine is greasy stains on your driveway. However, the real danger with oil leakage is potential engine damage or failure. Oil leaking at the engine’s backside may also cause the clutch to slip if your vehicle has manual stick shift transmission. It can also produce blue smoke and unpleasant odors when it drips on the hot exhaust manifold or exhaust pipe. So, if you are having oil leakage problem, it is a sign that you need a heavy-duty vehicle repair to eliminate this issue.


  • Rubber Hose Damage

The damage in the rubber hose or its failure can result in various problems such as overheated engine, loss of power steering, and loss of the electrical charging system. If a hose leaks, the cooling system may get inoperable. On the other hand, an overheated engine can suffer internal damage that requires expensive repairs. So, make sure you visit a mechanic shop immediately.


Never ignore any of the above issues as even a little negligence cost your safety as well as vehicle’s capacity of working properly. Thus, as soon as you notice such problems, call an automotive service provider for instant heavy-duty vehicle repair.

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