4 Common Metals That Fiber Laser Machines Can Engrave

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It is a common question of what productivity, consumable components, is and how many materials do a fiber laser can engrave or mark on. Majority of the customers know that the Ultraviolet (UV) laser is capable of engraving almost all elements. However, they also know the fact that the technology is highly expensive as compared to fiber laser. Besides, UV technology works a bit slow while engraving metals. For this reason, many customers want to go to the fiber laser machine manufacturer. A fiber laser equipment can engrave at speed higher than UV technique alongside more deepness in many materials.


Following are the metals, which a laser a machine can work on:

Copper, chrome, stainless steel, nickel, carbide, tungsten, brass, titanium, silver, titanium, gold and aluminum. The fiber laser can engrave on titanium dark colors and stainless steel. It is a great application to form a subtle contrast on the material.

One of the distinct difference between UV laser and fiber laser is the engraving result on the metals, encapsulated with paint. UV cannot do proper work on the paint metals. Resultantly, engraving on the metals is unclear. In contrast, the fiber laser can engrave paint metals with a clear result as well as with high speed. Fiber laser is also the best choice for embedding various metal materials with deepness.

The fiber laser engraving technology can mark colors on titanium and stainless steel. You can mark metal with a laser machine in min. 16 and max. 32 numerous colors. Also, fiber laser gives you the advantage to mark very superficial metal or engrave along with massive effect anodized metal.


The process of engraving on fiberglass can be completed with a haze effect. A blur impact happens when the materials are not covered for painting or for other elements which can recover the surface. You can get your desired engraving effect through fiber laser machine.


Carbon fiber is simple to engrave materials with fiber laser equipment. The result usually is always black. The reason for the black color is that the contrast between engraving and material is low, and it is difficult to see or read the engraving.


Some apparel materials are richly plastic polymers. For this very reason, a fiber laser machine can engrave with low power and at a high pace.

Wrap Up

There can be some other materials on which a laser welding machine manufacturers enable you to engrave. Whether its speed power or material type; fiber laser is the best technology.

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