3 reasons why Businesses should offer 24/7 Customer Service

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That time has gone when rendering support service during the business hours only was enough to keep customers satisfied. Nowadays, however, it is extremely important for businesses to be accessible around-the-clock because customers can make a contact at any time regarding the support service.

Besides making customer base stronger, 24/7 assistance should be offered to strengthen the business’s reputation. The significance of providing round-the-clock support service shouldn’t be ignored because 62% of customers like to do more business with that company which offers swift resolutions in an hour of need.

Generally, SMEs hesitate when it comes to providing support service after business hours. This is so because they think that offering 24/7 customer service is nothing but wastage of time and money. Due to this, SMEs generally struggle while expanding the business.

Here’re the top 3 reasons why businesses should offer 24/7 customer service:

1.    Customers don’t like to wait

To ensure a long-term relationship with customers, it is extremely important to offer unmatched products and services. At the present time, customers want first-class support service from companies even after business hours because the former don’t like to wait. To keep the business healthy, it is significant to live up to customers’ expectations.

However, providing 24/7 customer service isn’t a cakewalk as you have to be sure that required resources are available at the disposal. Such resources are avant-garde technology, deft support agents, etc. Finding these vital resources aren’t easy, therefore, it is advisable for business owners to avail services from any recognised business process outsourcing company.

Moreover, it is important to understand that keeping customers waiting regarding support service could result in customer defection. That’s why offering 24/7 customer service is paramount.

2.    Repeat business

To amplify the momentum of ongoing success, it is crucial to make certain that customers buy products periodically. This, however, can be happened if customers are contented with the brand. This clearly signifies that businesses should offer support service round-the-clock in order to keep customer satisfaction high.

Providing unparalleled customer service 24/7 can really open the door of success for businesses. It is so because when customers get prodigious solutions in an hour of need, they are more likely to start buying products so frequently, which, in turn, leads to repeat business. If industry reports are anything to go by, 55% of customers spend more money after getting impeccable support experience.

There’s more in store for business owners; astounding 24/7 support service could turn loyal customers into brand advocates, which as a positive consequence, makes the customer acquisition process easier.

So, if you really want to experience the true taste of success, start offering 24/7 customer service. Need help to do this? Many business process outsourcing companies are out there to help you.

3.    High CLV

Another benefit that you can gain by offering 24/7 customer service is ‘High CLV.’ This is really significant because high CLV (customer lifetime value) boosts business longevity. As per the industry reports, high CLV improves the company’s revenue levels by up to 58%. This fact can’t be overlooked.

Generally, small businesses drag their feet when it comes to offering astounding customer service 24/7, owing to this, they generally face the hassle of poor CLV, which, in turn, affects the productivity levels very badly.

In order to increase CLV, it is imperative to offer prodigious solutions during customer interactions. And continuously meeting customers’ expectations isn’t easy, therefore, businesses are generally suggested to avail customer care services from well-known BPO companies.

Thus, if you are operating a business and willing to expand it ASAP, offer stupendous customer service after-hours.

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