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10 Things to do in the morning for a successful day!!!

Things to do in the morning
Written by awesomegyani

Well, starting your morning right is the best bet to having a successful day. Doesn’t matter what your life decides to throw at you!!!


Today, everyone remains busy in their tough schedule and you have to perform a tonne of duties right away when you wake up in the morning which is completely understandable. But before you get ready for performing your daily routine tasks there are quite simple things that you need to check if you want to make the best of the day. 


Remember early mornings can make people feel more cheerful and prepare them to tackle all challenging tasks. 


You might have set a solid routine in the morning. However, if you don’t then in this article there are the best tips that help you to get started. Else, you can read good morning quotes in Hindi and begin your day with a smile and joyfulness. 


When you are trying to decide that what works best for you then you need to consider yourself, your habits as well as your personality. Let’s understood it with the given example if you know that you will take few minutes to get out of bed then you should set an alarm bit earlier. 


Here are 10 Morning habits for a successful day:

1: Stick to a schedule:


Well, if you know how exactly your morning should go then surely you won’t scramble to do the things you forgot to do for example eating breakfast. But when you start following a proper morning schedule like waking up early, getting dressed, eating breakfast at the proper time you make your day more successful. 


You can check your time-table the night before you know exactly what’s coming your way in the next morning. Sometimes it happens that you will meet with a hard time picking out an outfit so better to choose one the night before. These are all little things that make a huge difference in the flow of your morning and the rest of your day. 


2: Get up a few minutes early:


While giving yourself more time in the morning to prepare instead of rushing through your daily routine you will usually set a stressful tone for the day. So, get up and give yourself an extra 15-20 minutes to make you sure that you aren’t forgetting anything and you will thank yourself later. If you need more sleep the go to bed earlier and wake up early in the morning and in this way, you won’t feel much tired. 


3: Take the stairs:


Anything that gets your blood pumping will help you in waking you up and help you to feel a bit more alive in the early morning. While just tasking the stairs can add a bit more bounce to your step. We all are familiar that exercises releases endorphins and these are just what you need to start your day along with a good attitude. 


4: Water is a must:


When you get up early in the morning you need to drink a glass of water. And if possible, you should opt for lukewarm water or you can also keep a thermos full of water by your bedside. Drinking water early in the morning is the easiest way to detox your body and this surely flushes away the pathogens in your body when you urinate. 


5: Get some sunshine:


One of the best ways to start your day is basking in the sun. You might be glad to know that the early morning sun can do wonders for your health. The sunlight helps in devoid the harmful UV rays. It can also provide you vitamin D and makes your bone stronger. 


It helps in boosting your immune system, improves blood circulation, and thus helps your body to assimilate other minerals like phosphorous and calcium. After 10-12 hours of nighttime darkness and artificial lights, your body craves exposure to natural light and it will naturally boost the endorphins or happy hormones. 


6: Stretch your body:

Sleeping all night will help you in rejuvenating both your body and mind. But lying in bed all night without doing much activity stiffens your body muscles and reduces the mobility of your joints and limbs.


Thus, it is compulsory to stretch the different parts of your body and it also eases out the tension and soreness of your muscles and joints. There are some further benefits of stretching after waking up:


1: It relieves headache, anxiety, and tension.

2: Helps in enhancing your overall flexibility.


7: Start with early morning snacks:


Eating midnight snacks can indeed damage your health. But if you start your day by consuming a light snack is a good idea. Since it’s a time for your dinner there are many hours so, you need to do heavy breakfast. Also, you can get used to eating some food with a small and healthy snack. Here are few snack ideas that you must eat in the early morning:


1: Fruits.

2: Yoghurt.

3: Whole-grain.

4: A piece of Brown bread toast with peanut butter. 


8: Do meditation:


Meditation keeps both your body and mind calm. It also provides a better grip on you and channels all your focus and attention on the tasks without getting unfocused. However, if you squeeze in every 10 minutes of meditation in your early morning routine then you will surely reap the benefits throughout the day. 


9: Self-affirmation also helps:


If you are going through some tough times then it is quite natural that you feel gloomy as well as upset. You might find yourself doubting your capabilities. But if you lose hope then it is the surest path to failure. 


Therefore, one of the best ways to start your day is to tell yourself that you are a warrior and you will take challenges one at a time and find solutions to all of them. So, you need to give yourself a mental stability and this simple act can dramatically raise your confidence and efficiency. 


10: Prepare your routine well:


What is the better way of tackling your tasks efficiently than to make a routine for it? You can either memorize your schedule in your head or jot down –do list. Due to this way you will surely not skip or forget anything from your daily routine schedule. 

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