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10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Real Estate Agent

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As tempting as it is to get your first real estate investment all by yourself, it is a far wiser option to involve an experienced real estate agent. They could guide you about the very first time, making the journey to purchasing your first real estate property with comparative ease. Here’s precisely why you need to get a real estate agent involved. This applies may it be in New York, New Delhi or even real estate for sale orlando in Florida.

  1. Mortgage: For someone stepping out into the real estate world as a baby, it can be hard to navigate around mortgage deals. With experience, real estate agents aide in assisting you in finding the right lender for your needs to be able to work alongside you and even counsel you with the right way forward to negotiating terms with the lenders. 
  2. Picking the right property: You, as an individual, might not be able to narrow down the many properties that are available to you. However, a clear incite from your real estate agent – helps narrow down your search according to your list of requirements. They will send you a list of properties, narrow down the search, and you can focus on vetting the places and choosing one of them. 
  3. Negotiate a good price: No matter how you are as an individual, some may be the kind who takes the word of anyone and agrees, and others may be the kind who love a good haggle. Real Estate Agents act as a good intermediate between the buyer and seller, negotiating the terms of the buyer and getting a good deal.
  4. Drafting the Offer: Sometimes, as buyers, people get stingy and aren’t able to shell out the right price point for what they are asking. Being aware of the real estate scenario in the place that you hail from is what real estate agents are well-versed in. Using that to your advantage, they can help you formulate a substantial offer for buying the property – keeping the buyer happy and equally impress the seller. 
  5. Inspection Phase: When a buyer is interested in making an offer for a home of their choice, they are to inspect the property before making a purchase. Agents aid you by being present at the inspection phase in order for the buyers to be able to ask the right questions about the property in question. 
  6. Inspection Repair Negotiations: If you think that negotiations happen at the beginning stage when the initial offer is made, then you are wrong. Negotiations don’t stop at the initial offer. If the agent or the buyer run into a hurdle during the inspection phase, agents help to negotiate repair work with the seller. Either they propose that the repair be done before making the purchase or that they lower the asking price for the house, to accommodate the repair price. 
  7. Recommending professionals: Agents also handle the huge task of getting you in touch with contractors, money lenders, and other professionals involved in making the purchase a success for you.
  8. Act as an Intermediate: To smoothen the communication process between both you and the seller, your agent communicates effectively with the seller’s agent to smoothen the process of closing the deal, ensuring both you and the seller are both satisfied. 
  9. Mortgage Monitor: Going over your financials, your agent works as a buffer, keeping tabs on the status of the mortgage application and guiding you about the do’s and don’ts about mortgage, so that you are fully aware of what the mortgage requirements are, before the finalization of your loan. 
  10. Escrow and Closing: There are way too many processes involved in the escrow stage and before the deal is closed. Your real estate agent helps you navigate through the processes involved so that the process of buying your first home does not overburden, overwhelm, and daunt you too much.

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