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10 Popular Styles for Decorating Rooms Suggested by Architects in Gurgaon

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Want to decorate your new home or planning to renovate the interior of your home and Searching for inspiration? There are popular interior design styles that you can explore. Most clients face dilemmas while choosing the style for their house. While some have very good taste; they go with the mixed elements.

For Interior Designers or Architects in Gurgaon, it’s very essential to study their client’s lifestyle and their choices. Here I cover the 10 famous Interior and Exterior Styles for your house. Before choosing them up for your place discover your personal choices. The list goes on like this:

  1. Mid-Century Modern– The Mid-1900 is known as the age of mid-century Modern. Most iconic pieces are designed during this era. The design is characterized by minimalistic silhouettes, refined lines, and natural shapes. The designers of that time define the creative and unique ways to use new materials like molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum. Furthermore, mid-century modern furniture adds charms to each room and creates a lavish interior look.
  2. Industrial– The designers draw inspiration from factories to add elements like industries in industrial design style. The finishing touches are quite often seen in the design. Exposed bricks, ducts, pipelines are the most common characteristics of industrial design. The use of a neutral color scheme, unfinished metals, and woods creates a minimal spirit in a room. 
  3. Top Architects in GurgaonScandinavian– Scandinavian design creates a clean and versatile aesthetic in the interior of the room. The common feature of this design is the white-color palette, use of natural elements, stell, and wide plank flooring. You can’t miss out on the furniture, the furniture designs are simple and functional. Apart from white color grey color tone is also used as foundation colors. All I can say is that Scandinavian design is a balance and mixing of elements.
  4. Bohemian– It is the most popular style used by Architecture in Gurgaon and home designers. The style expresses clients’ free lifestyle how they live with some rules. The key is to highlight the messy look. Bohemian-inspired homes include vintage furniture, light fixtures, textiles( throw pillows and rugs) for a warm atmosphere. The designers use rich patterns and vibrant colors. One can adapt his style to create their own oasis.
  5. Best Architects in GurgaonShabby Chic– this style is inspired by a vintage look as compared to other interior styles it expresses feminine, soft, and delicate qualities. Shabby chic is a mix-up of traditional and farmhouse styles. The furniture is characterized by antique-style finishes, giving a tear and wear appearance. The color palette followed by designers is white, cream and pastels.
  6. Hollywood Glam– It is also known as Hollywood Regency, characterize as a luxurious style. It includes french furnishing, clean lines, and high-shine surfaces. The color palette includes bold colors like purples, reds, and turquoise. The other feature includes plush, velvet, tufting, and Antiques. 
  7. Best Architecture Firms in GurgaonTransitional– It is a mixture of modern and traditional elements that keeps the look of the room different from one particular style. The balance of the elements is created. The design incorporates modern materials like steel, and glass and afterward uniting them with plush furnishing. It includes a neutral color palette creating a relaxed and calm atmosphere. The style is helpful if you want to blend styles after getting married or moving into a larger home.
  8. Rustic– The Architecture in Gurgaon draws inspiration from nature using raw materials and unfinished components that include wood and stone. The architectural details include features like vaulted ceilings ornate with wood beams and reclaimed wood floors. 
  9. Architecture in GurgaonMinimalist– The concept of minimalist got popular in Australia. It takes ideas of modern design and getting them more simplified. The common features of the minimalist design include neutral color palettes, simple and streamlined furnishing, and avoid the cluster of accessories or flamboyant decor.
  10. Contemporary– Usually modern and contemporary styles are used interchangeably. People get confused with both styles. Contemporary is different from Modern as contemporary describes the design based on now whereas modern is strictly based on the 20th century. Contemporary is more fluid and involves less adherence to one particular style. 

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Here I wrap up popular interior design styles. Hope this will help you in getting new and inspirational ideas for your projects. One thing to remember is that Top Architects in Gurgoan will guide you with the best of their designs.

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