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Wonderful Sardinia villas in autumn

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Just back from two weeks on the wonderful island of Sardinia and two subsequent nights in beautiful Florence, as a luxury villas blogger I am still overwhelmed by the beauty of Mediterranean Italy in autumn. Even if we had a few bad days in our time on the second largest island in the Mediterranean, it fascinated us with its simple beauty, the friendly people and the great cuisine.

Before I gradually process the individual  excursions in travel reports, here are a few impressions of an unforgettable vacation in Bella Italia as quasi “Best of Sardinia Villas”

However, with our now small family, we are thinking about whether we would like to enjoy the advantages of the short journey by plane and accommodation in a hotel on our  next luxury villas in Sardinia – a rental car is essential on the really big island. If there is still a typical Sardinian dream beach right in front of the door, you can really enjoy the time with your child …

For swimming in San Teodoro

The sea in front of San Teodoro is an El Dorado for windsurfers and kite surfers from all over the world, but for us as normal bathers it was a very windy and sandy afternoon.

The tour of Porto Cervo in the morning including lunch, the dream beach Li Cossi for refreshment in the afternoon and Capo Testa for sunset are wonderfully suitable for a really exciting day trip by car from Palau or Olbia in the north of Sardinia. Between the individual stages there is between 1.5 and an hour’s drive, which is also easy to do with children.

The marine mammals are far from the shore and can only be seen with powerful binoculars, but they come every evening thanks to the Island of Sardinia and fish farming in the sea. A photo of it is waiting in the following post about whale and dolphin watching:

Just click here in the travel blog through the great travel experiences and pictures from the north of Sardinia, an island that has so much to offer besides pasta, pizza, pesce and gelati that we will certainly go there more often.

Here writes Daniel Dorfer, the only cruise and travel blogger on the cruise and travel blog As a full-time DJ, he spent some time on board the AIDA fleet on a cruise and has since been traveling increasingly through this world to report on it.

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As already briefly shown in the blog post Wonderful Sardinia in autumn , the small archipelago of La Maddalena, in the very north-east of Italy’s second largest island, was undeniably one of the absolute highlights of the really eventful two weeks there. In this context, I would like to apologize for the fact that it took me so long to finally take the time to report on it. In the last few years I have been out and about too much to be able to report in detail on all my trips, cruises and excursions. And I didn’t want to hit La Maddalena between the door and the hinge, this unique destination is just too beautiful for that.


It took a bit of planning and, above all, good weather before we dared to take our own car on the La Maddalena ferry early in the morning in the small port of Palau in Sardinia . We received the tickets for this in a small office directly at the port, the crossing took about twenty minutes, on board there was clean toilets and a small bar as well as free WiFi.

After casting off, you get a completely different perspective of Capo D’Orso and the bear rock that watches over Palau. Can you see the great stone bear?Winking smile

After arriving on La Maddalena, the car was parked at the port to explore the small town on foot. It was quiet now in October, but the shops, bars and restaurants were still open.

Well strengthened, we went into nature, because the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park has a lot to offer. We decided to take a lap around the island and stopped after a few kilometers on the side of the road to make our way towards the beach. The Sardinian autumn sun still had a lot of strength, which the little gecko was clearly enjoying.

On this day we contented ourselves with the wonderful tranquility, the gentle rustling of the sea and the warming sun of Italy. Later, three other vacationers actually got lost on this beach, but they weren’t worth mentioning. Sardinia has more than enough dream beaches for all its tourists, I can highly recommend Tanca Manna and Li Cossi in the north.

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