Why My Echo Device is Showing Different Colours?

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Why is My Amazon Echo Blinking Yellow, Red, or Green?

Do you remember those days, when people used to sleep under the cool air of fans in hot summers to prevent themselves from the hot temperature. Then Coolers came and they made people more comfortable by providing even more cooler and gentle air during the scorching summers and nowadays, we have Air Conditioners, which can literally make your room chilled like a Freezer. Our Modern Science and Technology were the ones that made all these things a reality and part of our day-to-day life. Now we can see these beautiful inventions of Science around us almost anywhere we go, making our life easy and comfortable.

One of these inventions is called Smart Devices. These are gadgets or devices which can be installed in your houses and offices. and can do a lot of marvelous tasks and that we once considered impossible. You can make your home smart by installing these devices and then can control them with a click of a button or a simple command, with the help of a Smart Speaker. These are the devices which can be connected to your phone and other smart devices and then you will be able to control the devices and see their activities with your phone.

One of the devices is the Amazon Echo range of devices. These speakers came with a pre-installed Virtual Assistant called Alexa, which by connecting to your phone will give you access and full control over the devices you have installed. Imagine being able to Turn on your home lights just from your smartphone or checking who is at your doorstep without leaving your couch.

Your favorite Echo devices also have a very unique feature,i.e., colorful lights. Your device will flash different colors to alert you for different things. But each model has some variations in showing these colors to us. The Look model has a mini ring around the camera, the Show has a colored LED bar beneath the screen, the Spot has a colored ring around its screen, and the Tap one has 5 LED’s that light up with colors.

Amazon Echo Green Ring

Sometimes you will see your Alexa flashing green color and you didn’t know its meaning. Well basically, it is trying to inform you about an incoming call from someone or someone is Dropping in on your device. You can answer the call manually from your phone or else you could just say “Answer” to Alexa the call will be connected. If you don’t want to take the call, you need to say “Ignore” and Alexa will boot the caller to the curb. A spinning green light in clockwise direction means that you are engaged in a call or drop in right now. If you accidentally forget to end the call, just say “Alexa, hang up” or use the Alexa app to end it manually.

Alexa Flashing Red

Are you confused when your Alexa is showing a red light and you don’t know what it means? It’s pretty simple. It is trying to tell you that your device’s Microphone has been muted and the Camera has been turned off. It means that your Alexa will not listen to any of your commands. After a few seconds, the red light will turn off and you will see a microphone/camera-off symbol on your speaker. You just need to press the Microphone button on your device to turn it back on anytime you want to use Alexa again.

Alexa Blinking Red and Not Understanding?

There is nothing in this world that is perfect or is made with absolute perfection. Every piece of gadget available out there has some sort of malfunctioning or defect in it. You might face a problem called the Red Ring of Death in which the red light just got stuck there and you can’t stop Alexa blinking red and not understanding your any command. I have tried Factory Resetting, Trying different wall charger and sockets, Trying other Amazon device’s chargers but nothing worked out.

Alexa Red Ring Fix

i)First of all, you need to plug it into power and then unplug it. Repeat this process 3-4 times.

ii)As it boots properly, go to the Alexa app or Log in to the site if using Windows or Mac.

ii)Go to Settings~Devices and disconnect the device from your Amazon account.

iii)Then perform a Factory Reset. It should take around 40 seconds to complete the process.

iv)Login into your Account and set up the device from start.

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