Why Montessori Nursery in Dubai is the Right Choice for Your Child?

Montessori nursery school
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Montessori education is a teaching methodology that was developed by an Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori who performed various researches with Phrenasthenic or children with special needs.

This curriculum emphasizes respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development,  independence, freedom within limits. Learning takes place when students learn on their own rather than children being imposed to read a particular subject at a particular time.

What does a Montessori Nursery in Dubai look like?

A Montessori school is comprised of the following things:

  1. Mixed-age group – Montessori school comprises students of age 2 ½ to 6 years. Though it may sound unusual to you it proves to be very beneficial for your child. The younger kids learn from the older students in a hassle-free way. By merely observing the kids achieve excellent results.

  2. The activity of a child’s interest – The child is not forced to do a certain activity. The child can do the activities which are of his interest and within the safe limit as per his age.
  3. Uninterrupted Work Hours – Students learn while playing but at least 3 hours are delegated for uninterrupted work hours. This enhances the concentration skills of the child.

  4. Discovery Model – The students don’t just mug up things rather practical-based learning is promoted. The students work with materials instead of learning the facts and following direct instructions of the teachers.

  5. Trained Teachers – Montessori nursery school requires a well-qualified teacher who is experienced and understands the psychology of students because teachers play a vital role in the holistic growth of the child. Montessori teachers act as active observers and analyze the children’s growth. Thus students participate in active learning rather than passively listening to the teachers.

Key Reasons to Choose Montessori Nursery in Dubai:

  1. Respect for the child – Maria Montessori believed that often adults give less respect to the children. The adults tend to impose their rules over them and ask them to be fully disciplined in their way. But it does have a detrimental effect on a child’s growth because children do not get the required freedom to explore their full potential. So respect for children is one key factor that sets it apart from the usual curriculum.

  2. The Absorbent Mind – A child’s mind is most receptive in the early years of his growth and development. So Montessori schools have the infrastructure that inspires the students to explore on their own and learn with curiosity. For example- the racks of books are kept at a lower height so that students can easily access those books. Apart from this, colorful books are kept in buckets all over the classroom so that students become curious and try to grab a book and learn on their own.

  3. Sensitive Periods – The students cannot grasp everything together. Teachers are well aware of the stages of learning and they bring the right concepts at the right time. In this way, the students can learn easily with ease and without feeling overwhelmed.


Montessori nursery school is a unique concept of imparting education to the child and has been adopted by many Indian Public Schools in Dubai. It has the right mix of theoretical knowledge and practical implication. 

This prepares the students for the future. Selecting a primary school for your child can be a daunting task but with the right approach you can get the results and help the child unleash his potential.

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