Why is GIIS the best CBSE School in Ahmedabad?

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CBSE schools are known for their excellent academic curriculum and exceptional growth and development opportunities. But to choose the best CBSE school out of all the available options, numerous parameters need to be considered.

For every parent, choosing the best CBSE school for their child is an important decision. Yet due to the vast number of options available to choose from, this sometimes becomes a daunting task and a tough decision.

The school which has proved its mettle in the field of providing top-quality education and growth opportunities to its students, is the Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad. It is a highly trustworthy, renowned, and revered international school in Ahmedabad. It has become the favorite choice of every parent who wants an enriching learning experience for their child.

GIIS ensures top-quality learning and growth facilities for its students and creates well-learned future leaders and successful individuals. Here are some of the best features of this school-

  1.     Teaching Methodologies

GIIS has well-learned educators and it employs highly experienced teaching faculty. The teachers devise innovative and creative teaching techniques to make the students learn better. They take great care of the overall development of students. The school follows an effective CBSE academic curriculum to ensure the academic excellence of its students.

Teachers use methodologies like flashcards, visuals, presentations, group discussions, creative games, and video clips. It creates a healthy learning environment and makes learning a fun and exciting process. The school promotes experiential learning and students are frequently taken for visits to museums and educational parks. 

  1.     Tech-Enabled World-Class Infrastructure

GIIS has the best infrastructure and is equipped with modern classrooms and labs having the latest technology and equipment. Teachers encourage students to participate in hands-on projects and conduct regular lab experiments. It helps in improving their practical knowledge. Students are promoted to work on problems based on real-life situations and come up with solutions using appropriate technology. 

Every year, students of this school are accepted in top universities because of their excellent performance and results. 

  1.     Sports Excellence and Extra-Curricular Activities

Sports and physical education form a major part of the CBSE curriculum. GIIS makes great efforts to ensure sports excellence and physical and emotional development of its students. Students are provided with advanced sports facilities and training. GIIS has various literary, public speaking, painting, and dance clubs, which promote and foster talents and skills in young students.

  1.     Community & Care

The school organises frequent social interaction and charity drivers for its students. It emphasizes instilling good moral values in its students and ensures that they develop into caring and responsible citizens. They are also taught various values, ethics, leadership, and entrepreneurship qualities.

  1.     Parent Engagement

GIIS tries its best to keep the parents informed and involved at every step by organising numerous parent-teacher meetings and sessions. The myGIIS portal has been designed with the aim to answer all the queries of parents and keep them updated about the school-related activities through regular announcements.

With all these fascinating aspects, GIIS is rightly considered the best CBSE School.

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