Why Indian Students Have to Study MBBS in Russia?

mbbs in russia
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For students who want to study MBBS in Europe, studying MBBS in Russia is very important. Since the 16th century, the history of Russian medical science has been among the best compared with other countries. The high-quality education provided by Russia’s top MBBS University is the only reason behind it. The Russian government provides a 50% subsidy to the medical education of international students. This helps to encourage foreign students to enter Russia to study for MBBS degrees.

Among the top 100 medical schools, 30 belong to Russia, which shows that every medical institution in Russia provides promising quality education. The Russian Medical University provides students with affordable and well-equipped accommodation. Sophisticated laboratories, promising education, quality guidance for students, the value of obtaining a Russian MBBS degree in India, these factors, and the success stories of alumni, have led to an increase in the number of admissions to MBBS courses at Russian Medical University. After study MBBS in Russia, the degree awarded to students is M.D (Physician), which is equivalent to the MBBS in India.

Why Indian Students Opt for MBBS in Russia?

In the past 15 to 20 years, the number of international students coming to the Russian Federation has increased; especially for Russian MBBS admission applications. Thousands of Indian students graduate from popular Russian government universities every year.

Therefore, Russian medical schools have witnessed a large number of admissions applications for Indian students. In fact, compared with other countries, the cost of study MBBS from a medical university in Russia is quite reasonable as compared to Indian or other country’s university.

In fact, Russia is home to some of the top MBBS universities in the world such as Kazan Federal University, Yaroslavl State Medical University, Voronezh State Medical University, Volgograd State Medical University, Ulyanovsk State University, Crimea Federal University, Tyumen State Medical University, and Far Eastern Federal University. They are listed in the WHO (World Health Organization), Medical School Directory. Students from all over the world go to Russia to study MBBS, and a large part of these international students are Indians.

Russia’s MBBS is considered one of the best MBBS options in the world, which is evident in the well-equipped laboratories and classrooms of its universities. The teaching methods and other tools and techniques used are of high standards and can make students suitable for medical careers in any country in the world. The courses of Russian medical universities start in the month of September and are divided into 2 semesters each year.

Major Benefits of Study MBBS in Russia –

  1. The moderate climate round the year.
  2. Russia acts as a paradise for travelers.
  3. Students have enough space to participate in social activities, cultural gatherings, meetings, and excursions organized by the university.
  4. Universally recognized degrees
  5. No donations. No entrance exams. No need to appear for any kind of entrance examination or pay any donation or caption fee.
  6. Affordable tuition fee.
  7. The admission procedure is easy and quick.
  8. The Russian Medical University provides students with medical insurance, which covers all medical expenses during their stay in the country.
  9. Comfortable and safe hostel accommodation.
  10. The medium of study in English.

Compared with other countries or regions, the teacher-student ratio in each class of the Russian medical school is much lower, so teachers can pay individual attention to each student.

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