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Here we go again! Let’s continue our road trip through Italy. I’m trying to keep the whole thing as short as possible but still not to leave anything important, because we are now exploring the entire Amalfi coast and all four places – Yessir! I’ll take you to magical B & B’s, turquoise bays, delicious food and the most photogenic cities in Italy! From our first stay in Naples , we went south. We had Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Atrani on our screen and it was Sorrento’s turn first.


With the car you could explore all the cities wonderfully! It took us a good two hours from Naples to Sorrento and about 30-40 minutes for the remaining routes. The car trips were every time the absolute horror like a little adventure. Everything was represented: the fear that a tire would burst from the rental car every minute, we would get stuck in one of the twelve thousand potholes, we would be stuck forever in the narrow path (where we definitely should NOT have driven through), falling down the cliff because the curve was too sharp * or the truck in the opposite lane would run over it because the road was made for one car only. Oh well … we are still alive!

* Hrh, sharp curve you! Ok – that was lame, sorry.



We spent one night at B&B Larancio in Fiore ! My man of the heart found it at short notice in Naples via and hit it immediately, as it only takes 6 minutes by car to the heart of Sorrento. He definitely couldn’t have found a sweeter, more traditional, and more secluded place to stay.


Sorrento itself is beautiful too! A lot of tourists in groups takes for the Vacation a wonderful Luxury Villas Amalfi coast with private pools, great views and that must be an wonderful experience but we were only 2 of us … There are already more tourists, but it is just fun to stroll through the ultra-small streets and everywhere the smell of great food hits you in the face! Wooooo we can go straight to my restaurant recommendations:

First of all: I fell in love with eggplant in Italy! One dish has accompanied me all over the country and that is MELANZANA! Oh my godness, I could have just fooled myself every time! That was my meat-free and low-carbohydrate variant for dinner, basically a lasagna without pasta – extremely tasty! I ate them in the ReFood restaurant . Great ambience, nice waiters and delicious food – what more could you want!

By the way, I was able to speak really Italian there and was praised by the waiter! So I was able to tick off my item on the checklist; D The second dish was at the Inn Bufalato restaurant : the best Italian bread salad I’ve ever had! There is definitely nothing like it!

There are also many great bays and beaches in Sorrento, this one is San Francesco Beach! It is close to the port and just a few steps from the old town and the famous Piazza Tasso! There are loungers, umbrellas, a diving spot and – of course – crystal clear water! Most of the people are here, of course, but there are also very small, hidden, romantic bays …


Jaaaaa, Positano … the new Instagram trend, right after “Santorini-with-a-blue-frilled-dress”. But now I can cut out this annoying sentence: We knew this, before it was an instagram hype! We had really planned this for a long time, but we definitely didn’t expect everyone to go there this year somehow. Positano is undoubtedly simply breathtakingly beautiful, but also much more touristy than any other city we have been to.

When we drove into the city, I wanted to stop at every corner to take a photo – to the chagrin of the man of the heart, because there is absolute traffic chaos and sheer anarchy! Like everywhere on Italian streets … The streets are confusing, you don’t know where to drive or park, wild pedestrians jump in front of your car and there is only one direction of travel … but somehow we managed to get a parking space.

DANGER! In Italy the parking lines mean the following: Blue line: take a ticket !; Yellow: only for residents; White: Free parking!

If you want to rent a private stay than there is nothing better than to rent it in Positano Amalfi coast villa rentals are scenery .


In the evening we drove towards Atrani & Amalfi. You can find out why I always write them together like that below, was a little #mindfuck moment for us! Our accommodation was, however, half an hour further away, or as I like to call it: At the A * sch der Heide! Here “the worst female passenger in the world” took over the wheel for the first time and I died a little bit inside …

On the way to the Luxury villas in Italy accommodation we had to chug over the mountains once and at some point the “road” became so narrow that only one car could get through. So the dear people from Atrani installed two traffic lights that were what felt like twelve thousand kilometers apart. This should ensure that only one side drives through at a time. It’s just stupid that the traffic lights on this EVENING (it was dark!) Somehow didn’t work properly and then a truck came towards me on this single-lane road. Yes!

Don’t ask me how we solved it. I still don’t know today.

Amalfi is bigger than Atrani and really wonderful! We stayed until late in the evening and could then admire the city with lights while we sipped strawberry prosecco by the sea. Ok – I sipped the strawberry prosecco. My man of the heart had something very masculine … a beer.


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