What to understand about granite?

What to understand about granite?
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If you’re during a kitchen remodel, you’ll be overwhelmed by your choices when it involves cabinets, flooring, sinks, and more. One thing that the majority of people update when doing a kitchen remodel is their countertops. There are plenty of various stones out there with different finishes, so it is often hard to understand which sort of stone will offer you the design you would like while still being functional and an honest deal. Being armed with knowledge is the best way to make an honest investment. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your stone choices may be an excellent spot to start out. and that we want to assist you thereupon. For starters, here we would like to debate the pros and cons of granite.

Heat resistant

Granite countertops are a number of the foremost popular among kitchens. one among the explanations for this is often thanks to its ability to face up to heat  Marble And Granite Cladding


As far as mineral hardiness, granite scores a powerful 7 on the Mohs scale. If you’re not conversant in the Mohs scale, this just means granite is extremely scratch resistant. this is often a top-quality that matters to tons of individuals because kitchen counters are fairly utilitarian. you’ll even cut on granite counters. But you would possibly not want to since doing so will likely dull your knives. But it’s just a testament to how hardy this stone is.


Granite is additionally great at standing up to acidic materials. Lemons and tomatoes don’t pose a threat to the present sturdy stone. It’s also quite immune to harsh chemicals. But be mindful that repeated exposure may weaken the sealant and need a replacement coat sooner. 

Price range

Granite is hard and delightful. This is why you’ll not find it to be the most cost-effective stone option. Some bargain granites can range from $35-$60, but most traditional kitchen installations will run you around $3,000-$6,000. Do make certain to buy around and compare prices before choosing an installer.


As we’ve discussed, granite is heat, scratch, and acid-resistant. So, it’s not surprising that it’s a coffee maintenance option. Most can go 10 years without having to be resealed. When your granite begins to seem dull, don’t hesitate to succeed in bent Stone Restoration Works. we will seal and mend any natural stone you’ve got.

Strike contrast

Clean, bright, white kitchens are exceedingly popular today. And permanently. they create spaces that feel open and breathable, and timeless. They also provide an excellent opportunity to make striking contrasts. Pairing a deep charcoal stone backsplash with a white color scheme can give an already modern kitchen a classy edge.

Mix rustic and refined

Blending refined appliances and crockery with a country, cottage forward slate stacked stone backsplash may be a winning combination. Combining these elements can go an extended way in creating a chic space that will transport you to the countryside.

Add depth

Stacked stone backsplashes offer the foremost in terms of depth.  There’s tons of variation within the depth of texture when it involves creating a stacked stone backsplash.  So, you’ll choose what proportion of texture you would like. No matter what you agree on, the result is going to be a stunning, three-dimensional backdrop.

But hamper a second

These grades are supported by pricing, supply, and demand. So, if a slab features a singular color that they don’t have tons of, it’ll be categorized as grade D granite and priced higher – but that says nothing about its durability. As we said before, granite is granite, and you’re getting to get a top-quality slab with this material regardless of what grade you select. a better grade doesn’t directly equate to higher quality, so select your budget and appearance accordingly for the slab of your choice.

Choosing the proper grade of granite

When sorting through the various grades of granite and selecting the one for your remodel, the selection comes right down to you and your preferences Marble Company In Sharjah. While the choice is ultimately up to you, here are a couple of final considerations


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