What points to focus on when buying lab-grown diamonds?

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If you are looking for lab-grown diamonds in Ottawa, you must have a certain amount of diamond education. Diamonds are the most blissful form of eternity crafted beautifully into a gemstone. 


Diamond education sounds like a big term, but it’s all about the 4Cs. The 4Cs of diamonds tell you all the factors you must focus on when buying diamonds. 

  • Cut


When we talk about the cut of a diamond, we refer to the diamond’s proportion, shape, and facets. A diamond’s most striking quality is that it sparkles. Thus, it must have a very good cut for a diamond to reflect and disperse light properly. 


Diamond cuts are graded on a scale from 1-5 from excellent to poor. 


Remember, you must also consider the girdle thickness of a diamond. A thick girdle is an indication of a poorly cut diamond. 

  • Clarity


Estate jewellery in Ottawa is very particular about the clarity of diamonds. 


A diamond’s clarity is determined by the number of flaws, blemishes, and inclusions. Certain imperfections are developed when the diamond is in its forming state. These imperfections are called inclusions and massively affect the clarity of a diamond.  


Clarity ratings are of two types:


(i) Flawless – FL

(ii) Included – I


The more the clarity, the better the sparkle of the diamond. 

  • Color


The color of diamonds varies from clear to yellow. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has rated diamonds on a color scale D-Z, wherein D means colorless and Z means light yellow. 

The lighter the diamond, the higher is its value. Hence, clear diamonds are priced much higher as compared to diamonds that are on the yellowish tone.

  • Carat weight


Buying lab-created diamonds in Ottawa is indeed a pleasant experience if you know about carat weight. 


People often get confused between “Karat” and “Carat weight”. Karat refers to the purity of gold whereas Carat Weight refers to the actual metric weight of the diamond. 


The carat weight is often one of the most considered factors when determining the value of a diamond. Moreover, diamonds with a higher carat weight are rare and very valuable. 


When buying diamonds, all the 4Cs play a very important role in determining the quality and price of a diamond. No single aspect can be considered without taking into account the others. The 4Cs are an international measure used to buy and sell diamonds all around the world. To buy and sell diamonds appropriately, it is indeed important to know all about the 4Cs and how they are interpreted and worked upon in the market. In places like Ottawa, diamond education is given a lot of importance and is of utmost importance. 

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