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What Is the Perfect Time of Year To Replace a Roof?

Written by i5exteriors

Your roof is a huge part of your home, and we’re not just talking about physical size here. No, your roof is a vital component that has to resist all kinds of natural warfare, as well as fight gravity endlessly.

Your roof is your line of defense against insect invasion and making yourself comfortable. It’s the ultimate door to prevent your heat or air conditioning from escaping (and a lot of money for the electric bill all the time).

Most importantly, it combats water damage, which is a curse to the existence of human structures. If water goes into your house, four things are going to happen. First, you’re going to get ceiling spots and leaks, which will damage your ceiling and require treatment.

Second, you’ll start to smell the mold as soon as it starts to grow. This nasty, harmful and black mold is downright toxic. Third, your walls and carpets and property will be rapidly ruined and your home unfit for human habitation.

Eventually, the decking will rot and collapse, and your entire house will come down. This is not a pretty picture. Even if you avoid these perils, it still has a huge impact on your resale value, your appeal appeal, and your insurance.

Sooner or later, your roof will have to be replaced. They don’t last forever, no matter how well built and tidy. The question is, when is the best time to replace the roof?

After all, you’d think these projects happen at a specific time of year, but it can be hard to pinpoint exactly when.

The truth is that there is one time of year that is better than others, and that may surprise you. Let’s talk about all four seasons and why or whether they are ideal for it.


The spring months are too high for a roof replacement. It is also a time when many people begin to consider making improvements to their home along with their spring cleaning procedures. However, keep in mind that spring often has unpredictable weather. This can cause problems with your roof replacement.


Summer is a very busy time of year for roof replacements. During the summer, you are likely to have hot and consistently clear weather. If you’re ready to replace a roof in the summer, the early part of summer is usually the best time to replace your roof. If you wait until late summer, you may be experiencing extreme heat that can cause problems with asphalt shingles.


After summer, fall is the next best time to replace your roof. The weather is cooler and more stable, giving your roofing repair contractors the opportunity to put up your new roof. Replacing roofs in the fall allows homeowners to prepare for the upcoming winter season. And, since temperatures don’t peak in the fall, roofers can work more during the day, allowing them to work quicker than in other seasons.


Winter is not a recommended time to replace a roof, as low temperatures can cause the material to freeze or harden and then crack under the pressure of a nail or tool. For tiles and other more reliable materials, replacement can be done in winter, but be warned that roofing contractors are often in high demand to perform emergency repairs during this time.

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